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2/2/2015 » 2/6/2015
Center Manager Certification Program - South Carolina

2/22/2015 » 2/25/2015
9-1-1 Goes to Washington

3/9/2015 » 3/13/2015
Center Manager Certification Program - Indiana

4/7/2015 » 4/9/2015
Maine NENA Conference

4/12/2015 » 4/15/2015
Ohio NENA/APCO Joint Conference

Committees & Liaisons

911 Cares / 911 for Kid Liaison
Lisa Hoffmann, ENP 510.407.3026
Appreciation Committee ChairSherri Griffith Powell512.656.1461
ATIS / ESIF Advisory Group Roger Hixson, ENP 614.442.9110
ATIS / ESIF Liaison Patty Bluhm 512.288.7979
Bylaws Chair Rick Galway, ENP 905.515.8306
CITIG LiaisonNancy Banks, ENP416.910.0715
Compassion Committee Co-ChairMaureen Will203.270.4296
Compassion Committee Co-ChairSue Webster, ENP860.585.5054
CRTC LiaisonNancy Banks, ENP905.453.8306
Development Steering Council Co-Chair Jim Shepard, ENP 512.656.7713
Development Steering Council Co-Chair Pete Eggimann, ENP 651.643.8377
Development Steering Council Liaison Renee Hardwick, ENP 843.222.1911
Development Steering Council Alternate Co-Liaison Ron Bloom, ENP 708.388.7224
Development Steering Council Alternate Co-LiaisonRob McMullen, ENP765.548.0692
Education Advisory Board Liaison Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP 561.312.1123
Education Advisory Board Chair Eric Parry, ENP 888.862.7911
Election Committee Chair Bernard J. Brown, ENP 434.489.9233
Emeritus Council of Past Presidents Chair Bernard J. Brown, ENP 434.489.9233
Federal Communications Comm. Liaison Brian Fontes, Ph.D., CEO 800.332.3911
Federal Railroad Administration Board Liaison Ronald Bonneau, ENP 708.243.9495
Finance Committee Chair Cheri Lynn Rockwell, ENP530.538.3877
Governance Committee Chair Bernard J. Brown, ENP 434.489.9233

Government Affairs Chair

Lynn Questell 615.253.2164
Government Affairs Co-Chair Paul Fahey, ENP 617.744.1659
Government Affairs Liaison Renee Hardwick, ENP 843.222.1911
Historical Committee Chair Jerry Bleck 630.232.9421
Industry Steering Committee Liaison Ron Bloom, ENP 708.388.7224
IJIS Institute Liaison Steve O'Conor, ENP 321.254.8413
International Academies of Emergency Dispatch LiaisonEd Marecki, ENP302.739.5868
International Relations Committee Chair Toni Dunne,ENP 512.970.7066
International Relations Committee LiaisonNancy Banks, ENP416.910.0715
Membership Chair Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP 561.312.1123
Nat'l Center Missing & Exploited Children Liaison Bill Hinkle 513.367.0029
Nat'l Joint TERT Initiative (NJTI) Chair Sherry Decker, ENP 817.695.9199
Nat'l Joint TERT Initiative (NJTI) Liaison Bernard J. Brown, ENP 434.489.9233
Nat'l Fire Protection Assoc. (NFPA) LiaisonTy Wooten, ENP202.618.4408
Nat'l Fire Protection Assoc. (NFPA) Co-Liaison Rob McMullen, ENP 765.548.0692
Nat'l Public Safety Telecom Council (NPSTC) Liaison Sharon Counterman, ENP 832.330.6938
Nat'l Public Safety Telecom Council (NPSTC) Alt LiaisonEd Marecki, ENP302.739.5868
NENA Annual Conference Liaison Bob Currier, ENP 810.388.1911
NENA Foundation/Friends of 9-1-1 Chair Brian Fontes, Ph.D., CEO 800.332.3911
NENA Foundation/Friends of 9-1-1 Liaison Lisa Hoffmann, ENP 510.407.3026
NENA Institute President Jamison Peeveyhouse, ENP 731.364.2647
NENA Institute Liaison Nancy Banks,ENP 416.910.0715
NENA NG9-1-1 Partner Program Robert Cobb, Ph.D., ENP 800.332.3911
NENA NG9-1-1 Partner Program Liaison Ron Bloom, ENP 708.388.7484
NG9-1-1 Institute Board of Directors Brian Fontes, Ph.D., CEO 800.332.3911
NG9-1-1 Institute LiaisonNancy Banks, ENP905.453.8306
Nlets Liaison Rob McMullen, ENP 765.548.0692
Personnel Committee Chair Renee Hardwick, ENP 843.222.1911
Policy Committee (NENA Board) Ron Bloom, ENP 708.388.7224
Publications Committee Chair Mike Smith 207.474.6386
Process Review Committee (PRC)Bernard J. Brown, ENP434.489.9233
SAFECOM Emergency Response Council Trey Forgety 800.332.3911
Strategic Planning ChairToni Dunne, ENP512.970.7066
Transportation Safety Advancement Group (TSAG)Jim Goerke678.342.8790
The Denise Amber Lee Foundation Liaison Carolyn Dill-Collier, ENP 772.462.8198


*For inquiries regarding NENA's Annual Conference, please contact Deborah Shields.

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