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Certification is a tool of a professional association to establish the benchmarks of performance that will signify a broad-based competence in the professional field.

By successfully completing this certification program, you will:
  • Demonstrate a mastery of the comprehensive knowledge base required for emergency number program management.
  • Help to raise industry standards and increase the respect and prestige of those involved in 9-1-1.
  • Confirm your commitment to the 9-1-1 profession by showing yourself to be a leader in public safety and pledging yourself to stay aware of current issues and developments in the field.

ENP exams are scheduled four times annually for a two-week period each Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The ENP examination will be administered on a daily basis during the two-week period, Monday through Saturday, at computer-based testing facilities throughout the US and Canada. 

Please register for the exam by submitting the Eligibility Application and the Testing Center application to NENA. You may schedule your exam once you receive confirmation from the Testing Center. Please do not register for the exam until you can commit to testing during the testing period you sign up for. Transfer between testing periods is only permitted on a case-by-case basis, and must be requested before the exam period begins.

Goals of Certification

The NENA Executive Board first formed a Certification Committee in 1992 to explore the development of a certification program for individuals involved in emergency number program management. After a thorough review of the certification process, the Executive Board approved the Committee's recommendation to go forward with the establishment of an Emergency Number Professional Certification Program.

This recommendation included several goals:
  • To establish the comprehensive body of knowledge for Emergency Number Professionals.
  • To promote a standard of competence for Emergency Number Professionals that will be recognized and accepted by the 9-1-1 profession, government agencies, the business community, and the general public.
  • To ensure an awareness of current issues and developments in the 9-1-1 profession.
  • To provide formal recognition of individuals for professional achievement.
  • To encourage professional growth and enhance the self-esteem of Emergency Number Professionals.

Certification will be granted to those individuals who meet the eligibility requirements for admission to the examinations outlined in this handbook and who successfully pass the examination.

Are you Certifiable?

The following eligibility criteria have been established by the NENA Institute Board for determining if an individual is qualified to take the Emergency Number Professional (ENP) Certification Exam.

Experience Criteria -In order to sit for the ENP Certification Exam, a candidate must meet the following experience criteria:

A. Three years experience in Emergency Communications.


B. Three years experience with a commercial provider of Emergency Communications products and services.

Point Accumulation - Having satisfied the three-year minimum experience criterion, each candidate must accumulate a total of 10 points as follows:

  • Experience - Each additional year of experience (full-time equivalent) in Emergency Communications will count for 2 points, with a maximum of 10 points being granted.
  • Education - College degrees will earn points as noted below:
    • Associate Degree 2 points
    • Bachelor Degree 4 points
    • Graduate Degree 6 points
  • Professional Development and Service
    • NENA in-person courses completed (Course listing) will earn 1 point each. A maximum of 4 points will be granted.
    • Holding an office in NENA at the Chapter or National level will earn 1 point, with a maximum of 1 point being granted.
    • Other professional certifications (e.g. CEM) will earn 1 point, with a maximum of 1 point being granted.

Exam Schedule

Exam PeriodExam DatesApplication Deadline
Fall 2014
October 4-18, 2014
September 9, 2014
Winter 2015
January 17-31, 2015
December 15, 2014
Spring 2015 April 4 - 18, 2015March 9, 2015
Summer 2015 July 18 - August 1, 2015June 22, 2015


The application will be evaluated by the ENP Certification Board. Candidates must accumulate a minimum of 10 points to qualify to sit for the exam. A candidate whose application has been accepted may sit for the exam at any designated test location.

Eligibility Application and Testing Centers are in the document list below and you may also search for Testing Center Locations online.  Once you select "Find a Testing Center", be sure to select  Emergency Number Professional Certification as the Client/Sponsor of the exam.

Fee Summary

The Examination cost includes a non-refundable $150 processing fee.
  • NENA Members $420 (US Dollars)
  • Non-members $500 (US Dollars)

 ENP Practice Test

Sitting for any examination is sometimes equivalent to going to the dentist.  Recognizing that, the NENA Institute Board has collaborated with Professional Testing Corporation, who administers the ENP Examination, to offer a 50-question practice test intended to familiarize those about to take the ENP examination with an electronic test-taking experience.

The practice test is weighted in much the same manner as the full ENP Examination.  At the completion of the practice test, a score will be given, but it should not be interpreted as an indicator of the likelihood of attaining a passing score.

The intent is to experience electronic test taking in the same format as the ENP Examination, and to answer questions weighted similarly to the Operations and Management portions of the ENP Examination as found in the Body of Knowledge.

The practice test is offered as a "bundled” product along with the ENP Reference Manual, or as a free-standing product if you are not interested in purchasing the ENP Reference Manual.  The bundled package combining the ENP Reference Manual and the practice test is available from NENA for $100.  Individually, the ENP Reference Manual is available for $50 and the practice test for $75. 

For the bundled product, please purchase online at  You will receive the ENP Reference Manual along with a code for the practice test that can be used at any time you choose, the advantage being that you can wait until a date near to your examination date, and have the ENP Reference Manual well in advance of the examination date for use with a Study Group or on your own.

For the practice test only, please go to and order the practice test from NENA.  You will be sent the code to access the practice test.  The $75 practice test fee is payable by major credit card, and you can take the practice test within one year of purchase. 

ENP Re-certification

ENP certification is awarded for a period of 4 years, after which re-certification is required in order to maintain the ENP designation. During the 4-year period an ENP must accumulate points towards re-certification by being actively involved in a number of emergency communications related activities, including attendance at selected public safety conferences and approved courses, participation in NENA Committees and public safety advisory boards, presentations within the community, and leadership roles in NENA National and NENA Chapters.

Questions or More Information?

If you have any questions or need further information about the ENP Program, you may contact Bri Robinson at NENA HQ or a member of the NENA Institute Board.


ENP - General Information

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
ENP Application Handbook PDF (2 MB) Administration 9/30/2014
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ENP Exam - Body of Knowledge PDF (59.82 KB) Administration 2/3/2014
ENP Reference Manual (v4.0 5/30/12) - Order Form PDF (105.01 KB) Administration 10/1/2013
New 2014 ENPs PDF (55.59 KB) Administration 8/18/2014
ENPs Alpha PDF (95.18 KB) Administration 8/18/2014
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