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3/1/2017 » 6/1/2017
Illinois NENA/APCO Virtual 5K 9-1-1 Run

#WebinarWednesday - Making Difficult Conversations Easier

4/8/2017 » 4/22/2017
ENP Exam - Spring 2017

4/17/2017 » 4/21/2017
2017 Indiana NENA/APCO Conference

Interconnection & Security Committee

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This committee is focused on the technical development, maintenance and evolution of NG9-1-1 systems architecture, both for real-time interfaces within the ESInet as well as those external interfaces into the system.

These would include aspects such as system management, architecture and interfaces definitions. The committee also oversees the technical integration and operational impacts of existing and newly formed security (encryption, authentication etc.) technologies on the overall ‘system’.


Nate Wilcox


Steve O'Conor, ENP


  • NG9-1-1 Architecture Evolution - Co-Chairs, Terry Reese & Guy Caron, ENP
    The mission of the NG9-1-1 Architecture Evolution Subcommittee defines issues that involve the ESInet architecture, as well as the i3 functional elements that ride on it and their associated interfaces. It is also expected to handle both the evolution of the i3 ESInet and interconnection with evolving originating and PSAP networks.

    • Workgroups
      • i3 Architecture (formerly LTD), Co-Chair Brian Rosen & Steve O'Conor, ENP: 
        Creating the base i3 technical specifications. Calls are Thursday's at 10:30 am to Noon ET.

      • Emergency Services IP Network Design, Co-Chairs Jim Lockard & Joel McCamley                                                                                                                       This group will review the existing NENA 08-506 in order to improve several areas:  Assignment of Autonomous System Numbers (AS) Numbers - including interaction with American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN);  Uniform DNS entries for ESInet's   and  Coordinate & document .empirical testing on the performance thresholds described in the document.  Calls are Friday's at 11 am ET for 1 hour. 20140317_Reopen 08-506 (ESIN) for Review & Updates_Charter APPROVED 20140923 and 20130917_Echo causes mitigations and acceptable amount


    • The Conveyance of EIDD Working Group will focus on developing an ANSI accredited NENA/APCO Standard for transporting (conveying) Emergency Incident Data Documents (EIDDs) between systems (FEs). The data elements contained in EIDDs are defined in a soon to be released joint APCO/NENA ANS. The new Standard to be developed by this NENA/APCO working group will define how EIDDs are exchanged and transported from NG9-1-1 networks and systems. Expertise in information sharing and specifically in using web services and other protocols is desired. Operational expertise familiar with the needs for exchanging data between call takers and dispatchers, emergency responders and other user systems is also highly sought. We are looking for a well-balanced group that will include contributions from technical and operational subject matter experts.   20160201_ISF-EIDD conveyance_assigned


  • Emerging Topics - Co-Chairs, Paul McLaren & Randall Gellens 
    The Emerging Topics Sub-Committee is responsible for developing standards, requirements documents or information documents for all issues related to future products and services that may affect 9-1-1.  The committee’s goal is to monitor industry, science, and technology activities for any such items with implication for 9-1-1, research possible impact and draft appropriate documents that can be forwarded to other NENA Committee's or regulatory and industry standard organizations in order to ensure all devices may access 9-1-1 anytime and anywhere.  The Sub-Committee pools the respective knowledge of its members to understand new technology implications, bring appropriate technologies to the attention of the 9-1-1 community and describe the impact on emergency call services. Calls are the 2nd Thursday of every month at 4 pm ET for 1 hour.
    • Workgroups
      • None Currently Active


Standards & Documents for this Committee

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