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Status of NG9-1-1 State Activity


UPDATED 08/05/2014



The NENA NG9-1-1 project work includes tracking of state and sub-state initiatives to establish and activate Emergency Services IP networks (ESInets) that may support NG9-1-1 functions in the future, or that are actively implementing NG9-1-1 or are aimed at pre-NG9-1-1 applications. This tracking effort is basically for three purposes: providing information to other interested parties who may need contacts that have already had experience, for identifying those areas where NG9-1-1 related trials may be happening or planned, and identifying those areas where NG9-1-1 is being implemented.


National Progress on IP Network, ESInet and NG9-1-1

Below is a color-coded map summarizing status:


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