NENA Telecommunicator Caucus
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NENA's Telecommunicator Caucus represents the telecommunicator membership and serves as the united voice to address the needs and concerns of telecommunicators across North America and beyond.   


The Telecommunicator Caucus has six primary objectives:

  • Provide tools and guidance for education and training geared toward telecommunicators.
  • Pursue avenues for scholarship funding.
  • Facilitate peer mentoring and outreach.
  • Recruit telecommunicators to NENA.
  • Ensure NENA TC members continue to receive benefits related to telecommunicators.
  • Give telecommunicators a voice in NENA.

    Download the TC Caucus Flyer

Telecommunicator Caucus Leadership

Caucus Co-Chair Lisa Rose-Brown 775.232.0588
Executive Board Representative Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP 561.312.1123


Telecommunicator Caucus Resources

Education & Operations Director                 Ty Wooten, ENP                   202.466.4911 

Member Services Director                            Bri Robinson                         202.466.4911


 Want to get more involved?

Click here to download the application form and here to learn more about the way the 
caucus is organized.