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3/1/2017 » 6/1/2017
Illinois NENA/APCO Virtual 5K 9-1-1 Run

5/3/2017 » 5/5/2017
NENA Education Summit - Jacksonville, AR

5/8/2017 » 5/12/2017
CMCP - Fayetteville, GA

PSAP Operations Committee

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The mission of the PSAP Operations Committee of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) is to provide operational guidance and support in various forms to the nation’s public safety answering points, emergency response centers, and aligned organizations (i.e., emergency management/emergency response).

The principal objective of the PSAP Operations Committee is to provide guidance to public safety/emergency response organizations on operations issues, such as Human Resources, Standard Operating Procedures, Accessibility, Contingency Planning, Public Education, PSAP Operations & Next Generation Integration and Next Generation Transition Planning.

In support of this mission, the Contingency Planning Committee:

  • Develops documents to assist PSAPs to mitigate, prepare, plan and react to critical incidents which may adversely impact critical operations.
  • Reviews documents from other committees to assure that contingency planning is incorporated into all relevant NENA documents.
  • Represents NENA on other committees to provide a voice for contingency planning.


Wendi Lively ENP
Spartanburg County, SC
864.596.2050 x107


April Heinze, ENP
INdigital Telecom

Working Groups

  • Management of Emergency Incident Data Documents (EIDD) (Co-Chairs: Diane Harris ENP, Lisa Henderson ENP, TBD   

The Management of EIDD Working Group will focus on developing an ANSI accredited NENA/APCO Standard to provide guidance to 9-1-1 Authorities, PSAP Managers, and application developers on how to manage data interoperability between NG9-1-1 functional elements, public safety applications within the PSAP, originating & assisting PSAPs, emergency responder applications and other law enforcement, fire and EMS entities. Expertise in data & information sharing at the PSAP is desired. Operational expertise familiar with the needs for exchanging data between call takers and dispatchers, emergency responders and other user systems is also highly sought. We are looking for a well-balanced group that will include contributions from technical and operational subject matter experts. The time and day that the WG will meet is yet to be established. 20150311_ISF NG9-1-1 Management Considerations for EIDD Interoperability APPROVED 20150421

  • Call Blocking (Co-Chairs: John Haynes ENP & Marc Berryman ENP)   

The Call Blocking Working Group is tasked with developing an operational document to outline what conditions should be required for a PSAP to identify a calling number as a problem source and develop a draft policy for having that number blocked. This WG will also provide guidance on how to determine if the problem is resolved and criteria to unblock the number. In addition to PSAP operational personnel, the WG will need volunteers who understand border control functions and have some insight into Network Operations Center processes. 20131213-3_PRR “Bad Actor” Charter_Approved 20160412

  • PSAP Daily Operations (Co-Chairs: Crystal Ayco ENP, Cheryl LeSage, Dee Ann Summerset ENP)   

The PSAP Daily Operations Working Group will update NENA 54-001 (11/18/2004) to bring it in line with today's Communications Center/PSAP personnel operations needs and issue as an ANSI accredited NENA Standard.  20160407_ISF Telecommunicator Schedules & Hours_Assgnd 20160426_Charter

  • DOD Notifications (Co-Chairs: TBD) 

NENA is seeking volunteers to participate in a new working group that will develop a NENA Standard related to military notifications by PSAPs. There are over 17,000 Department of Defense locations in the US—ranging from recruiting stations and offices to major military installations. Serving in and around those facilities are over 1,000,000 service members and their families. This standard will help ensure that vital information concerning those personnel and facilities are shared in an effective manner during times of crisis. The standard developed by this group will apply to all 6,000 US PSAPs and highlight the critical role that PSAPs play in ensuring Homeland Security, building on the lessons of Ft. Hood and Chattanooga. We are seeking volunteers with knowledge and experience in: PSAP Operations; CAD; EIDD; NG9-1-1 implementation; Call Protocols; and related areas. Please note, due to the unique nature of this group, participants must sign up no later than May 1, 2017.  20160620_ISF STA for DOD Notifications_CharterAppvd 20170207



  • Contingency Planning - Chair Karen Allen   

The NENA PSAP Operations Committee, Contingency Planning Subcommittee, is looking for work group volunteers to assist in updating NENA’s Contingency Planning Documents in the 53 series, including 53-001 "Communications Center/PSAP Disaster Contingency Plans Model Recommendations.” Planning and preparing for a disaster, power outage or equipment malfunction is critical to PSAP operations. This subcommittee is looking for a mix of individuals with operational and/or technical knowledge of current and NG PSAP equipment, as well as knowledge of PSAP operations to assist in the updating of these documents. The commitment is participation for an hour a week on a conference call with committee members. Calls are Wednesday's at 9:30 am ET for 1 hour.

  • Standard Operating Procedures - Co-Chairs Lisa Dodson and Diane Stiles
    • Workgroups
      • Task Overload, Chair Lisa Dodson:  
        The working group is developing information for PSAPs regarding the number of tasks that can be completed in both a pre-NG911 and NG911 environment, a method of testing telecommunicators for multi tasking ability, mitigation techniques and recommended assistance for those affected. Calls are Thursday's at 2 pm ET for 1 hour.


      Work Group will be creating a NENA Standard for 9-1-1 Call Processing. This work will combine and update current NENA standards in the areas of Guidelines For Minimum Response To Wireless 9-1-1 Calls, Call Answering, Emergency Call Processing Protocols and Silent or Hang-Up 9-1-1 Calls for Service. Calls are Monday's at 3 pm ET for 1 hour. 


Standards & Documents for this Committee

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