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12/8/2014 » 12/12/2014
Center Manager Certification Program - Iowa

2/2/2015 » 2/6/2015
Center Manager Certification Program - South Carolina

2/22/2015 » 2/25/2015
9-1-1 Goes to Washington

3/9/2015 » 3/13/2015
Center Manager Certification Program - Indiana

4/7/2015 » 4/9/2015
Maine NENA Conference

PSAP Operations Committee

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The mission of the PSAP Operations Committee of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) is to provide operational guidance and support in various forms to the nation’s public safety answering points, emergency response centers, and aligned organizations (i.e., emergency management/emergency response).

The principal objective of the PSAP Operations Committee is to provide guidance to public safety/emergency response organizations on operations issues, such as Human Resources, Standard Operating Procedures, Accessibility, Contingency Planning, Public Education, PSAP Operations & Next Generation Integration and Next Generation Transition Planning.

In support of this mission, the Contingency Planning Committee:

  • Develops documents to assist PSAPs to mitigate, prepare, plan and react to critical incidents which may adversely impact critical operations.
  • Reviews documents from other committees to assure that contingency planning is incorporated into all relevant NENA documents.
  • Represents NENA on other committees to provide a voice for contingency planning.


Wendi Lively ENP
Spartanburg County, SC


April Heinze, ENP
Eaton County, MI


  • Contingency Planning - Chair Karen Allen 
    Analyzes the hazards & resources which may impact the stability of operations of the public safety answering points in performing its duties & obligations to providing reliable 911 services. Provides a general guide of reference to PSAPs of the process of developing contingencies which may be of assistance to any PSAP and their environment.  Reviews new technologies for possible issues in its applications into the PSAP's vulnerability
    • Workgroups
      • Succession Planning,
        Co-Chairs John Haynes, Dave Cox and John Haynes: 
        Tasked with developing an informational document that PSAP’s and Managers can start using to groom people for a career path. How that person should be trained, passwords, vendor contacts, etc. It is also feasible that any organization or NENA chapter could use this material. 
  • Standard Operating Procedures - Co-Chairs Lisa Dodson and Diane Stiles
    • Workgroups
      • Task Overload, Chair Lisa Dodson:  
        The working group is developing information for PSAPs regarding the number of tasks that can be completed in both a pre-NG911 and NG911 environment, a method of testing telecommunicators for multi tasking ability, mitigation techniques and recommended assistance for those affected. 

      • Staffing Review, Co-Chairs Dave Cox and Rob McMullen: 
        Will work on developing a document in assisting 9-1-1 administration in make sure you have the proper number of people in your center.
      • Request for Proposal (RFP), Co-Chairs Eric Parry and Lisa Henderson:  

        This work group will develop an information document regarding the essential elements and best practices of RFP documents as well as a sample boiler plate template to assist PSAPs with successfully identifying and documenting requirements for procurement of PSAP equipment.

      • Railroad & PSAP Interaction (R&PI), Co-Chairs Marc Berryman and Lisa Dodson:  

        It is of benefit to both railroad and PSAP personnel to have standardized national recommendations and procedures, ensuring a quick and accurate information exchange. The NENA Railroad and PSAP Interaction Work Group will provide information and guidance for updating of NENA 56-507 Railroad Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) Interaction document. The WG shall provide updated information and guidance for ope railroad responders. Conference calls will be held every other Friday, beginning 4/4/2014, from 1-2 PM Eastern Time.

      • Protocol for Handling Calls Regarding Human Trafficking, Chair Lisa Dodson:

                  Work Group will be updating NENA’s 56-508 “Protocol for Handling Calls Regarding Human Trafficking               Information Document”.  Human trafficking is a global issue that spans a variety of crimes, affecting                   communities both large and small and PSAPs need to be able to identify potential human trafficking                   incidents and appropriately respond to situations. Individuals with working knowledge of human                         trafficking issues are encouraged to volunteer.

PSAP Operations Committee Working Groups

  • Human Relations: Building Professionalism in the PSAP  
    Co-Chairs Dave Cox and Rob McMullen:  
    This work group will focus on how to make the Dispatch/Call taker job more professional and how to get dispatchers to understand they are a professional group of people 

Special Purpose Groups

  • Smart Apps, Joint NENA/APCO, Chair Karen Allen: 
    The joint NENA/APCO group is working on developing information to assist App developers and PSAPS to collaborate before apps are marketed regarding access with emergency services. 

Standards & Documents for this Committee

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