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Webinar Wednesday - Adapt, Lead, & Thrive: Dealing With Change in 9-1-1

2/2/2015 » 2/6/2015
Center Manager Certification Program - South Carolina

2/22/2015 » 2/25/2015
9-1-1 Goes to Washington

3/9/2015 » 3/13/2015
Center Manager Certification Program - Indiana

4/7/2015 » 4/9/2015
Maine NENA Conference


Upcoming Webinars:

With so much focus being directed at the development of the ESINet and other functional elements of the NG9-1-1 environment, this presentation will aim to provide a practical perspective on data preparation prior to its use in an actual NG9-1-1 deployment. Getting GIS data ready for use in a NG 9-1-1 geospatial call routing environment will be emphasized but the retention/use of existing traditional data will also be highlighted as a critical concern. The role of NENA standards and guidelines currently under development will also be tied in to this work.  Examples of processes and techniques underway in many locations today will be highlighted.

Previous Webinar Wednesday Offerings:

Archived Webinars:

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#Don't Be Afraid of NextGen Data
Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | 12:00 PM (ET)/ 9:00 AM (PT) |
Sponsored by Intrado
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Concerned that Next Generation 9-1-1 will overwhelm your call takers and dispatchers with new data? Don't be afraid, this free webinar explains how NG9-1-1 can turn data into a "digital asset" that can:

  • Reduce response times
  • Improve outcomes
  • Save more lives while improving PSAP operations  

Steve Lowe, Senior Vice President - Government Solutions, Intrado

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This is a sponsored webinar. NENA does not endorse this product and/or service.

#Smart911 from AT&T: Lessons from the Field
Thursday, June 13, 2013 | 1pm ET / 12pm CT / 11am MT / 10am PT
Sponsored by AT&T
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What if you had access to vital information that can help you assist 9-1-1 callers? Imagine knowing how many family members live in a home, or the details of a resident’s allergies or special needs.


During this free webinar, hear real-world experiences from public safety agencies that are using Smart911 from AT&T to deliver life-saving information with incoming 9-1-1 calls. Learn how citizens can create "Safety Profiles” containing supplemental emergency information that can help reduce call taking time and help to enhance emergency response.


This webinar provides solutions that enhance 9-1-1 call taking and response capabilities . . . without increasing the call taking process for your staff, including:

  • People with disabilities
  • Child safety information
  • Premise or special needs information
  • Improved situational awareness


Representatives from Public Safety Agencies
Todd Piett, Chief Product Officer, Rave Mobile Safety


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This is a sponsored webinar. NENA does not endorse this product and/or service.



#Free Webinar: Real-World Cloud Solutions for 9-1-1

 Monday, November 19 @  1PM Eastern
Sponsored & Presented by Solacom Technologies
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Join NENA and Solacom for this informative online session discussing cloud solutions for 9-1-1, including:

  • What is cloud computing?
  • How does it relate to NG9-1-1?
  • Is a hybrid cloud the best for public safety?
  • What lessons can be learned from a real-world cloud solution serving more than 20 counties in Indiana?

Time is built into the presentation for questions.

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Free Webinar - Deliver on the Video Promise of NG9-1-1

Tuesday, May 22 @ 1PM Eastern
Sponsored & presented by Dialogic
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Join NENA and Dialogic for this free webinar that discusses how the rollout of NG9-1-1 provides for enhanced capabilities including the delivery of live video from remote locations. The webinar explains how to:

  • Improve coordination by delivering live streams of incidents as they happen.
  • Connect multiple parties to a video conference using standard mobile devices.
  • Enable video calling for the deaf.
  • Deliver video instructions for life-saving interventions in the field.


Free Webinar - The Internet’s Third Act: The Connected Device Decade

Presented by Mobile Future with association partners NENA and USTelecom

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 @ 1 p.m. Eastern

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This free webinar, based on a recently released Mobile Future report authored by former White House Advisor Jim Kohlenberger, examines how the next wave of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and other connected devices will further accelerate mobile opportunity and exacerbate the looming spectrum crunch. Wireless technologies play a significant role in the connection of an amazing array of devices (and people) to the Internet.Innovation and investment in M2M will transform vital sectors of the economy, including transportation, energy, health care and security to name a few.


The webinar looks at:

  • The promising and extensive opportunities in the digital device decade
  • The technologies that are driving the connected device revolution
  • The policy choices for enabling a brighter future beginning with making more spectrum available
  • The five key steps for harnessing connected devices for societal gains

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Free Webinar: The Importance of Locating Wireless 9-1-1 Calls Indoors

Thursday, April 19 at 1 p.m. (EST)

Sponsored by TruePosition


This free webinar explains how the FCC measures the performance of the wireless location technologies currently used to locate 9-1-1 phone calls made from cell phones. The webinar delves into the latest announcements from the FCC, including statements about county-wide averaging, a single location accuracy requirement, as well as an indoor location requirement. Also, analysts from Ovum review the results of a recent report that exposes the limitations of particular location techniques and shows the benefits of others.


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Cloud Services in Public Safety - Available On-Demand

Sponsored & Presented by Intrado
Originally delivered on Thursday, October 27
Industry buzz is all about the cloud. This free, one-hour webinar discusses how cloud computing can overcome the unique challenges of routing and delivering emergency data and services to public safety answering points. The webinar demonstrates the value cloud computing adds to emergency communications and the particular design of a distributed network and a central (cloud) computing-enabled public safety network.Can public safety apply lessons learned in the commercial and other government sectors? This webinar will demonstrate the feasible opportunity available to expand real-time life-saving data and services to better serve our citizens and help save lives and improve operational continuity. Impacts and implementation issues will be addressed in this timely discussion.

SMS Messaging for 9-1-1:

The Journey to a New Emergency Communications Path
Sponsored by
February 17, 2011 - 1pm Eastern

No longer Available

This webinar outlines the range of SMS-based text messaging capabilities currently being rolled out; the roles of the CPE vendor and the network service provider; and the path of functional evolution that the industry is likely to take.
Learn how text messaging fits into the overall process of providing effective emergency services response while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and overall service quality.
Next Generation 9-1-1 is revolutionizing the industry with the onset of new forms of lifesaving communication between the public and the 9-1-1 call center. According to the FCC, our nation’s 9-1-1 centers field more than 237 million calls a year of which 70 percent are made from mobile phones. Inevitably, text messaging will enter your PSAP. This webinar discusses:
  • The range of SMS-based text messaging capabilities currently being rolled out including the roles of the CPE vendor and the network service provider
  • The path of functional evolution that the industry is likely to take
  • How text messaging fits into the overall process of providing effective emergency services response
About the Presenters:
Jeffrey Gillan, P.Eng, Product Area Business Manager, Cassidian Communication
With nearly 20 years of technology industry experience, Jeff Gillan currently serves as Product Area Business Manager for Emergency Call Management Applications, for PlantCML®, an EADS North America Company. A PlantCML employee since 2006, Gillan is responsible for driving solution innovations that ensure PlantCML’s customers remain at the forefront of NG9-1-1. Gillan’s leadership qualities combined with his strategic vision of public safety emergency communications have enabled him to drive advancements in many areas of next generation emergency communication, including the development of SMS text messaging solutions for emergency communication. His present focus is the advancement of workflow and collaboration technologies to improve 9-1-1 call processing and emergency dispatch operations.

C.A. Patrick Voigt, President, Voigt Industrial Electronics, LLC
With more than 15 years experience in the public safety communications and technology industry, C.A. Patrick Voigt currently holds the position of President for Voigt Industrial Electronics focusing on mission critical IT systems and infrastructure implementation for both fixed and mobile PSAPs. Prior to this business enterprise, Voigt oversaw all aspects of the technical operations for five PSAPs within Burke County, North Carolina. Starting his public safety career as a telecommunicator, Voigt quickly moved into a PSAP shift supervisor prior to his most recent position as the Burke County Technology Coordinator. In this role, Voigt was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the technical operations within the County’s five PSAPs.

The FCC Next Generation Notice of Inquiry

Hear from Patrick Donovan of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau about the FCC’s recent actions regarding Next Generation 9-1-1 and learn how you can play an important role in helping the Commission advance NG9-1-1 at the Federal level.

The webinar is now available for on demand viewing and is FREE to NENA Members with code.The code is in the members-only email announcement of the webinar that you should have received on 01.10 at approximately 11:40 AM Eastern. If you need further assistance, please contact Sophie Vick. Non-Member registration is also available for the on-demand webinar.
As recommended in the National Broadband Plan, on December 21 the FCC adopted and released a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) initiating a comprehensive proceeding to address how NG9-1-1 can enable the public to obtain emergency assistance by means of advanced communications technologies beyond traditional voice-centric devices. Through the NOI, the FCC seeks to gain a better understanding of how the gap between the capabilities of modern networks and devices and today’s 9-1-1 system can be bridged, and how to further the transition to IP-based communications capabilities for emergency communications and NG9-1-1.
Topics included in the NOI and to be discussed on the webinar include:
    • The technical feasibility and limitations of text messaging video streaming and photos;
    • Consumer privacy issues, particularly related to the sharing of personal electronic medical data;
    • Development of technical and policy standards;
    • Consumer education and awareness; and
    • Inter-governmental coordination and coordination within the public safety community.


Avoiding the Pitfalls of NG9-1-1 Communications Management & Recording

Sponsored by

Are you ready for NG9-1-1? Learn why it’s crucial to select the right solutions for your environment.
You’re invited to learn how new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cellular communications have changed the way the world communicates. They have great potential to improve the response to emergency incidents with speed and accuracy to save lives and property. However, most legacy 9-1-1 systems can’t support, record or manage Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) multimedia communications. The pressure is on and public safety agencies worldwide are working on migration plans and budgets to effectively transition their emergency communications processes and technologies to NG9-1-1 standards.
Join NG9-1-1 experts Mark Fletcher from Avaya and Patrick Botz from VPI, to discuss the key steps and elements crucial to selecting and implementing a successful NG9-1-1 communications and recording solution, including:
  • The latest changes and standards for public safety emergency communications that will affect your organization, and how you can leverage them.
  • How to prepare for NG9-1-1 initiatives and develop a blueprint for success.
  • Leveraging VoIP communications to effectively enable geographic-independent and automated call routing, access and backup among PSAPs and between PSAPs, and other authorized emergency organizations.
  • The benefits of a more flexible, open, non-proprietary and secure communications and recording system architecture to facilitate the implementation of an interoperable 9-1-1 system.
  • How faster access to more robust information will enable you to effectively re-create and evaluate entire incidents consisting of data from a wide range of communications channels, devices and applications.
  • Ways to increase aggregation and sharing of data, resources, procedures, and standards to improve emergency response while lowering costs.
  • How to overcome the security challenges and solutions for individual as well as consolidated multi-location communication centers.
  • How to ensure that your communications recording system will be able to support your evolving NG9-1-1 environment.
About the Presenters:
Mark ‘Fletch’ Fletcher, ENP - Product Line Manager, Avaya
With over 26 years of experience, Mark has worked in almost every segment of the telecommunications industry; the last 16 years dedicated to the Nortel and Avaya voice product portfolios. In his current position as Product Line Manager for 9-1-1 Emergency Services at Avaya, he ensures the roadmap and strategy of Avaya's E9-1-1 solutions meet the requirements of today's Public Safety and Enterprise customer base. He also represents Avaya as an active member in several Public Safety and E911 organizations such as NENA, APCO, and the NIST SAFECOM technical workgroups developing standards for the Next Gen E911 solution. Avaya E911 Product Line Manager, NENA MLTS Technical Subcommittee Chairperson at Avaya.
Patrick Botz, Director of Public Safety Workforce Optimization at VPI
Patrick is responsible for working with hundreds of public safety organizations throughout the world to help them prepare or Next Generation 9-1-1 and affordably capture and improve the quality of their emergency communications, and optimize their operational and workforce performance. He is an active member of APCO and the NENA Next Generation Partner Program, and has been instrumental in supporting VPI on the NG9-1-1 ICE 8 Planning Committee and helping develop the testing standards. Patrick is an acclaimed industry speaker, and his work has been published in several public safety industry periodicals including APCO Public Safety Communications, Mission-Critical Communications, 9-1-1 Magazine and Emergency Number Professional.

Best Practices in Public Safety Recording, Quality Assurance, & Training

Sponsored by VPI (Voice Print International) - No longer Available

Public safety emergency communications have never been on the threshold of greater change than they are today. Navigating today’s complex world of recording, managing, evaluating, and training onemergency communications requires much more insight than ever before.
Join NENA and three of today’s foremost experts on managing and improving public safety emergency communications to learn about:
  • The increasing role and importance of recording, quality assurance (QA) and coaching in public safety communications centers
  • How to leverage recording and QA tools to improve employee performance and support your transition to Next-Generation 9-1-1
  • Capturing information from multiple communications channels, devices and applications to ensure compatibility with upcoming NG9-1-1 standards
  • Achieving faster access to and simplified re-creation of multimedia incident information
  • How to construct QA rating forms and perform objective evaluations
  • Which calls and how many to monitor for quality to assure compliance and identify employee training and coaching needs
  • Matt Stillwell, ENP, Director of Public Safety, City of Edmond, Oklahoma
Roy Carlisle,QA Specialist at Alachua County Sheriff, Florida
Patrick Botz, Director of Public Safety Solutions Marketing, VPI (Voice Print International)

A Next Generation 9-1-1 Primer: What, Why, When, & How

$100 per connection

Now expired. Next delivery date TBD.

With significant standards work nearing completion, demonstrations and trials taking place across the country, and Federal and state entities making broadband-enabled emergency communications a priority, public safety personnel (PSAP managers and supervisors, 9-1-1 authorities, government officials, private-sector venders, etc.) must begin actively preparing for the transition to Next Generation 9-1-1. But before that can happen, all stakeholders must develop a thorough understanding of just what NG9-1-1 is and how it is going to transform the public safety landscape. This webinar will provide all attendees with that critical foundation of baseline knowledge.
With information drawn from NENA’s industry-best Introduction to Next Generation 9-1-1 course, as well as expertise provided by NENA leaders on the front lines of NG9-1-1 technical, operations, and policy activities, the NG9-1-1 Primer webinar will break down this potentially overwhelming subject into four bite-sized pieces.
Hour 1: What is NG9-1-1?
Hour 2: Planning for NG9-1-1
Hour 3: Impact on Current Operations
Hour 4: Preparing to Deploy NG9-1-1
Undoubtedly, Next Generation 9-1-1 will revolutionize how the public will access and interact with emergency services and alter the technical, operational, educational, and, regulatory landscape within which 9-1-1 currently operates. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the fundamentals of NG9-1-1 and begin getting ready today for the system of tomorrow.

Network Security in Next Generation 9-1-1:

What You Need to Know to Keep Your System Safe
According to a recent study by IBM Internet Security Systems X-Force, 74% of the new IT vulnerabilities discovered in the last six months are aimed at disrupting business applications, including those leveraged by IP Telephony and Unified Communications systems.

Don't allow your system to become another statistic. NG 9-1-1 creates significantly expanded and interconnected communications capabilities in data and voice. Yet at the same time, its relatively open architecture requires solid security methods to minimize accidental and intentional disruption of operations and emergency communications.

Learn what it takes to build a secure NG 9-1-1 system that keeps your PSAPs safe from worms, viruses and other attacks or disruptions to service. In the Journey to NG9-1-1, it's critical to develop a comprehensive security strategy to keep your next generation emergency system continuously protected.

Join NENA, IBM ISS X-Force and Avaya for this one-hour webinar to learn what you need to know about keeping your network protected. We’ll be joined by Dr. Walt Magnussen, Director for Telecommunications at the Texas A&M University Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center and Past President of ACUTA, who will discuss security within the U.S. Department of Transportation NG9-1-1 project.

Click here to register for this FREE webinar and watch it on-demand NOW!

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