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NENA Recognizes Volunteer Excellence

Monday, October 19, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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Congratulations to the below individuals who were recognized during the Networking & Awards Lunch the NENA Development Conference in Austin, TX for their outstanding volunteer efforts on behalf of NENA!

Amy McDowell, ENP | Greenville County, SC | Agency Systems Committee and NG9-1-1 PSAP Working Group

Amy has been an exceptional contributor to the Agency Systems Committee, not only on the NG PSAP working group, but also with preparation and presentation of conference sessions for the committee. Her presentations of real-world "what could go wrong” scenarios have been memorable and educational. With her acceptance of the Co-Chair position for the new Agency Systems Document Review working group, Amy has once again shown her willingness to go above and beyond for the benefit of Public Safety!

Cheryl Benjamin | New York State Office of Information Technology Services | Co-Chair of the Site Structure Address Points Working Group and Member of GIS Data Model Working Group

Cheryl has always gone above & beyond on any Working Group she participates in and also comments on many other documents during the review process. She adheres to all the procedural requirements of document development. She is a strong leader who motivates all Working Group members to provide input. While the Site Structures/Address Points document was recently approved by the Executive Board, we hope that Cheryl continues her service to NENA and will lead other Working Groups. Thank you for all you do Cheryl.

Dan Mongrain | Bell Canada | Agency Systems Committee and NG9-1-1 PSAP Working Group

Dan has served as document editor for the NG9-1-1 PSAP group for a number of years, and has always done excellent work in that role. On top of that, Dan is a major contributor in group discussions, and his expertise in SIP and other IP-related technologies has been invaluable. Dan also contributes to Agency Systems sessions at conferences, and is always there for the group. He has recently agreed to Co-Chair the new NG9-1-1 Call Processing Metrics Working Group. We are truly lucky to have him with us!

Diane Harris | Zetron | Request for Proposal Working Group

Diane has been actively participating in our WG and has been the main champion for quality responses and evaluation guidelines for the Information draft. She is a regular attendee on our calls, and her expertise in the area of RFP response, evaluation and organization is invaluable.

Michael Smith | DSS Corporation | Agency Systems Co-Chair

Michael is an incredibly hard worker who devotes many hours to NENA-related causes. Michael’s devotion to Agency Systems is inspiring! Michael has a keen grasp of the issues our Working Groups are responsible for. He willingly leads by example, fostering discussion from all viewpoints, weighing all input against our objectives. The amount of work Michael produces for NENA exceeds what any mere mortal is capable of! Michael deserves to be recognized for his OUTSTANDING service to NENA!!! In short, Michael is FABULOUS and we are lucky to have him working on our behalf!!!!

Rachel Bello | Wake County, NC | Data Management Committee Co-Chair, Chair of Data Management Working Group, member of NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model, Site Structure Address Point and ECRF/LVF Working Groups

Rachel keeps her ear to the ground to quickly smooth any rough spots, encourages individuals to participate as well as promotes, champions and supports the involvement of many member’s work to develop NENA Standards, Best Practices and Information documents as well as the education of NENA members

Richard Kelly | 911 Datamaster | Co-Chair Site Structure Address Points Work Group and Active Member of NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model, ECRF/LVF, i3 Architecture and other Working Groups

Richard goes out of his way to help people understand issues, understand all aspects of the issue and educate people on why the NENA process is important. Richard is extremely dedicated to helping NENA and its members comprehend complex issues. 

Steve O’Conor, ENP | Synergem Technologies | Interconnection & Security Committee Co-Chair, i3 Architecture, GIS Data Model for NG9-1-1 and DSC Advisors Working Groups

In addition to the positive leadership that Steve has provided to the i3 Architecture WG, and his careful attention to detail when it comes to recording minutes of the weekly meetings, Steve has provided invaluable assistance in the i3 standard Public Review Comment Resolution process. Steve painstakingly took the numerous editorial and substantive comments returned during the Public Review cycle for the i3 standard, and compiled them into a single version of the document, allowing the WG to address them at a rate that no one thought possible! For Steve’s leadership, attention to detail, and for truly going the extra mile to facilitate the i3 standard Public Review Comment Resolution process, we would like to extend our personal appreciation to Steve and to present him this special recognition. Additionally, Steve also acts as scribe for the GIS Data Model, DSC Advisors Working Group calls and Co-Chairs the PSAP Operations 9-1-1 Call Processing Working Group. His preparation time and taking of minutes on these calls, along with his input and guidance is invaluable. If anyone needs guidance on note taking – just take a look at his notes. Anyone who misses a call just needs to read the notes and they will know what happened.

Bernard Brabant | Consultant | Request for Proposal Working Group

What can we say about Bernard? He is a long standing member of NENA, has worked tirelessly over the years not only as a 9-1-1 Technical Manager, but now as a retiree. He is one of these guys who comes up with an amazing amount of information, searching the internet high and low to find documentation and examples of what this WG is trying to do. He is very participatory on our calls, and for a person whose first language is not English, does a great job articulating his thoughts and interacting with the other strong personalities on our calls.

Jay Slater, ENP | Bandwidth | Request for Proposal Working Group

Jay has been actively participating in our Working Group and has worked hard to create GIS-centric content for the Information draft. He is a regular attendee on our calls, and his expertise in the area of GIS makes him a valuable member of our Working Group. His contributions cannot be overstated, as GIS is a huge part of NG9-1-1.

Jerry Schlesinger | City of Portland, OR | Agency Systems Committee and NG9-1-1 PSAP Working Group

Jerry’s operational knowledge has been critical to the success of the Working Group, and he’s been a major contributor to the NG9-1-1 PSAP Requirements document. If you don’t understand Jerry’s position on a topic, don’t worry, he’ll tell you again. Seriously, he’s always been there to help in any way needed – filling in as editor or note taker, or helping with or leading conference sessions. If his boss only knew! Jerry stepped up again recently an agreed to Co-Chair the new NG9-1-1 Call Processing Metrics working group. We don’t know what we’d do without him! Thanks Jerry!

Kathy Liljequist | GeoComm | Data Management Committee Co-Chair, Chair of Data Management Working Group, member of NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model, Site Structure Address Point and ECRF/LVF Working Groups

Kathy has been instrumental in helping to manage the NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model comments resolution process as the working group document development is progressing. She is positive, has a team oriented approach, and is encouraging to all doing the work! Kathy has gone above and beyond on so many levels to educate, promote, teach and assist with the development of NENA Standards, Information documents and the education of NENA members

Matthew Brown | Morgan County, TN | NG9-1-1 Education & Training Working Group

Matthew has been a member of the Working Group almost since the beginning. He can always be counted on to actively participate in the calls, volunteer to help out with whatever is being worked on and when needed, he will lead the call. Matthew juggles a very busy workload as the Director of a PSAP and still manages to always participate and help out on the Working Group. He frequently attends the calls while having to work in the center!

Mike Vislocky | Network Orange | Agency Systems Committee

An exceptional contributor, mentor, pointer-outer-of-flaws in our arguments, and all-around fun guy, Mike is well known to those active in NENA work, and his contributions over the last twenty years have been huge. Mike’s contributions continue – he has just agreed to help lead the Agency Systems Document Review Working Group, but said he’d rather be a vice-chair than a co-chair. Should we tell him it’s not that kind of vice? Thanks Mike!

Ray Paddock | StepFunction Strategies | Request for Proposal Working Group

Ray joined the group 6 months after we started and has worked tirelessly to create content for the Information draft. He is a regular attendee on our calls, and his temperament and collaborative demeanor make him a valuable member of our Working Group. He is an expert at network and very knowledgeable on all things NG.

Steve McMurrer, ENP | Fairfax County, VA | Next Generation Transition Planning Committee Monitoring and Managing NG9-1-1 Working Group & John Geib ENP | Montgomery County, PA | Next Generation Transition Planning Committee Monitoring and Managing NG9-1-1 Working Group

Steve McMurrer and John Geib are the "scribes” for the M&M NG9-1-1 WG. Steve willingly accepted the role of starting the "Join Me” session and recording our notes as we build this document. John, likewise, willingly fills in for Steve on those occasions when Steve is unable to be on the call. Both these fellows "lead by example”! Steve and John saw the need the WG had and "stepped up to the plate”! Their service to NENA and the M&M WG makes the meetings cohesive and allows all the participants to easily work on the document! The WG couldn’t do what they do without Steve and John – their fine work needs to be acknowledged!

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