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NENA/APCO Emergency Incident Data Document (EIDD)
Full Name:
NENA/APCO Emergency Incident Data Document (EIDD)
Document Type: Information
Number: NENA/APCO-INF-005

There are many Functional Elements (FEs) within an NG9-1-1 system that are used to process emergency calls. Some of these FEs may be within a specific agency, in another agency or elsewhere in an Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet). In many cases, an emergency call is related to, or results in the creation of an "incident” as defined in NENA 08-003. As public safety communication center personnel process emergency calls for service and their associated incidents, new information about the incidents is obtained. There are many sources available to communication center personnel for obtaining new incident information during call handling, incident creation, dispatch, incident monitoring, and post incident analysis processes. Newly gathered information, as well as changes in incident status, must often be passed on to other FEs, other involved agencies, and frequently to non-emergency entities authorized to receive emergency incident information. As agencies and regions move forward with implementing NG9-1-1 and IP based emergency communications systems, it is critical that they adhere to a standardized, industry neutral format for exchanging emergency incident information between disparate manufacturer’s systems located within one or more public safety agencies, and with other incident stakeholders.

The goal of the NENA/APCO Emergency Incident Data Document (EIDD) working group is to initiate the process of creating a National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) conformant, American National Standard (ANS) that will be used to share emergency incident information between and among authorized entities and systems. This document is the first step toward achieving that goal. The content of this document provides the audience with the recommended list of data components, their relationships to each other, the data elements contained within each data component, and where applicable the registries that control the available values for appropriate data elements. This list of data components and data elements, along with their identified attributes and allowable values, when finalized, will become the basis for the NIEM-conformant Information Exchange Package Document (IEPD) ANS, along with its XML schema and associated artifacts. This version of the document is being provided as an introduction to the required incident components but is not inclusive of the final NIEM-conformant XML schema that will be brought forth for approval as an EIDD IEPD ANS.

A joint NENA/APCO group is working on an EIDD American National Standard through the ANSI development certification process. Once completed, the ANS will replace this information document.

Committee Name(s): Agency Systems

Created: 02/21/2014


NENA/APCO Emergency Incident Data Document (EIDD)
(c) 2013-14 NENA - National Emergency Number Association, Alexandria, VA
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