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12/5/2016 » 12/9/2016
Center Manager Certification Program - Natick, MA

1/14/2017 » 1/28/2017
ENP Exam - Winter 2017

1/16/2017 » 1/20/2017
CMCP - Chandler, AZ

Tactical Dispatch for the Telecommunicator - Allentown, PA

Life Skills for Telecommunicators
Category: Learning the Ropes
Instructor(s): Tonya Pearce, ENP

The transition into a career in emergency services can sometimes seem like you’ve entered an alternate universe. Suddenly the rules have changed. Instead of being encouraged to express yourself in new and creative ways and embracing your individuality, you are required to conform to a structure that is a completely foreign concept. The agency that you’ve joined has likely been well trained to understand the dynamics and traits of your generation. However, many of you were never taught what to do in a world that understands why you function the way you do but has not changed to accommodate these traits.

This course is designed to offer you an understanding of this new frontier. We will be examining topics ranging from interacting with co-workers to balance in, and maintenance of, your personal life. Some would say these are things all adults should know. While this may have been true in the past, it becomes increasingly evident that the rules have changed. This course is designed to help you as a new telecommunicator not only survive but excel in your career.

NENA Courses - Learning the Ropes

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New to 9-1-1? Need help deciphering all those system maps and acronyms? Tired of sitting in meetings and wondering if those around you are speaking another language? Whether you are looking for an overview of the entire emergency communications system, or need to become knowledgeable about individual components and technologies that make up the 9-1-1 universe, the Learning the Ropes suite of classes is the place to start.

Attendees can expect to gain the familiarity they need to take the training wheels off the bike, and build a solid foundation for a career in public safety. Each course is presented using non-technical language and utilizes a straightforward approach to explaining the building blocks of the 9-1-1 system.
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