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12/5/2016 » 12/9/2016
Center Manager Certification Program - Natick, MA

1/14/2017 » 1/28/2017
ENP Exam - Winter 2017

1/16/2017 » 1/20/2017
CMCP - Chandler, AZ

NENA 2016 Pre-Conference Courses
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NENA 2016 features our five-day Center Manager Certification Program, as well a variety of one-day Pre-Conference Courses designed for 9-1-1 professionals looking to hone their skills in specific areas. These classes are a great way to kick off your conference experience, gain valuable insights into the latest trends and topics in emergency communications, and earn points towards ENP certification and re-certification. 

Saturday, June 11 | 9:30AM – 6:00PM

Disaster Planning for PSAPs
This course prepares 9-1-1 professionals for natural and manmade disasters that can cause disruptions to PSAP systems and failures in overall PSAP operations and focuses on what every employee of a 9-1-1 center can do before, during, and after catastrophic events to ensure they are able to provide continuous service. Attendees examine the major systems found in most PSAPs, and learn what impact the failures of such systems have on PSAP operations. Additionally, the class addresses the backup procedures that PSAPs can implement and utilize in their effort to mitigate the impact of system failures.

Quality Assurance: A Roadmap to Achieving QA/QI in the PSAP
To date, quality assurance has largely been considered part of the call taking process. So what about dispatch or any processes beyond call taking? This class closes the loop on PSAP best practices by applying QA strategies and principles to the dispatch parts of a call. NENA’s hands-on approach gets attendees completely engaged in the methods and practices intended to create agency policies and a dispatch QA template. Utilizing sample recordings and CAD printouts, participants will examine the QA review process, measurement and evaluation tools, supervisor-to-telecommunicator feedback scenarios, and related legal issues.

Sunday, June 12 | 8:30AM – 5:00PM

CMCP Alumni Seminar
All CMCP graduates are invited to start off the NENA 2016 Conference  by attending the inaugural CMCP Alumni Seminar! Join CMCP instructors and other industry experts for this interactive, dynamic, and informative review of the latest trends impacting the 9-1-1 industry and its leaders. This pre-con course, exclusive to NENA’s annual conference, provides critical updates for those who have attended the CMCP over the last six years and offers the opportunity for CMCP alumni to network with their fellow 9-1-1 professionals. Be sure to register early for this this exciting opportunity, as space is limited!

9-1-1 Customer Service: Takes Seconds, Saves Minutes
In the world of 9-1-1, the term customer service takes on a completely new meaning. "Customers” range from those calling 9-1-1 to report an emergency, to those that we send out in response to a request for help, and beyond. This course discusses and demonstrates customer service methods that may take call takers a few extra seconds, but in the end will save minutes by creating an environment of efficiency between the caller, the call taker, and responders. Attendees won’t just focus on being polite and compliant, but will learn how to provide the appropriate level of customer service in the most professional manner possible.

Cybersecurity in the PSAP
PSAPs around the country are facing cyber-threats almost daily. With the move to NG9-1-1, planning for and implementing cybersecurity measures is critical. In this course, PSAP directors and managers will come to understand what cybersecurity means in the world of 9-1-1; discuss the most severe cyber-risks to public safety; and learn how to develop the policies, procedures, and protocols necessary to prevent and mitigate the damage caused by software viruses and network intrusion attacks.

PSAP Design
Designing, constructing, or renovating a PSAP is a daunting effort with an outcome that directly affects the PSAP manager, staff, and other stakeholders. This course defines the process of designing a new PSAP and identifies the steps involved: From determining the need through design, bidding, construction, and move in. Attendees will hear how they, as PSAP managers, are critical to driving a project to a successful outcome and will learn about the role they play in every phase of creating or revitalizing a PSAP and/or EOC that best serves their community.

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