9-1-1 Center Operations Standards

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NENA's 9-1-1 Center Operations Committee, comprised of several topic-specific committees, works year-long on the development of recommended 9-1-1 center model recommendations/standards and other operational information documents.

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While there are no required operating procedures for 9-1-1 on a national level, NENA model recommendations/standards give 9-1-1 centers the tools they need to maintain a consistent level of service and work in relation to their peers in neighboring counties/parishes and states/provinces/territories.

The work of the committees, in two structured document formats, will be posted here as a resource for NENA members and other 9-1-1 professionals.

9-1-1 Center Operations Committee Document Formats/Hierarchy

  • Model Recommendation/Standard Document:
    A structured, formal document prepared by one of the 9-1-1 Center Operations Committees; opportunity for comments by NENA members during a comment period; submitted to the NENA Executive Board for approval as a NENA model recommendation/standard; published by NENA as a model recommendation/standard. One could refer to the NENA operations model recommendations/standards on the NENA web site for a template.

  • Operations Information Document (OID):
    A structured, topic-specific document written to address one or more operations issues. Intended to be instructive with regard to how to address or respond to issues impacting 9-1-1 center operations. Prepared and reviewed by 9-1-1 Center Operations Committees but not intended to serve as a standard or model recommendation; widely distributed to the NENA membership. This paper is usually 10 to 15 pages and refers to practices or methods to assist individuals regarding specific 9-1-1 center Operations issues and/or identifies additional issues work proposed for creating model recommendations/standards.

  • Forms/Miscellaneous Documents:
    NENA developed forms to assist in center operations; prepared and/or recommended for use by 9-1-1 center operations subcommittees/study groups. Other papers that may assist 9-1-1 professionals regarding various operational issues.

Accessibility - Standards & Other Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
52-001 TTY Training Link  more ] Administration 12/5/2011
52-002 Managers Guide to the ADA Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
52-003 TTY Call Taker Proficiency & QA Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
52-501 TTY Phone Pal Program Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
52-502 Video & IP Relay Service / PSAP Interaction Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011

NG9-1-1 Transition Planning Standards & Documents

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NG Transition Planning Documents.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
INF-008.1 (prev. 77-501) NG9-1-1 Transition Plan Link  more ] Administration 11/21/2013

PSAP Operations - Contingency Planning

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The mission of the contingency planning committee is to:

Provide a general guide of reference to PSAPs for the process of developing contingency plans which may be of assistance to any PSAP and their environment.

Review new technologies for possible vulnerability issues in their application into the PSAPs.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
53-001 PSAP Disaster-Contingency Plans  Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-001A PSAP Evacuation Checklist Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-002 Mutual Aid Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-501 Hazard & Vulnerability Analysis Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-502 Resource Analysis Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-503 PSAP Survivability Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-504 Drills & Exercises Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-505 Service Capability Criteria Rating Scale Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-506 Intra-Agency Agreements Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
53-507 V1 Virtual PSAP Management Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011

PSAP Operations - Human Resources

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The mission of the Human Resources Committee is to undertake an on-going and systematic review of emergency communications center human resources policies, processes, practices and standards. To complete this mission, the Human Resource Committee will make findings, issues reports, conduct studies and disseminate information regarding human resource subjects and provide opportunities for interaction among NENA members interested in the enhancement of emergency communications center human resource issues.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
NENA-STA-002 AcuteTraumatic & Chronic Stress Mngmt Link  more ] Administration 8/7/2013
NENA-STA-001 Suicide Prevention Link  more ] Administration 8/7/2013
54-001 PSAP Personnel Daily Ops SOP Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
54-002 Hearing Standards for Telecommunicators Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
54-501 HR - Resource List Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
NENA-REF-001-2003 PSAP Staffing Guidelines Report Link  more ] Administration 10/23/2014
54-750 v1 Human Machine Interface & PSAP Display Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011

PSAP Operations - SOPS

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The mission of the SOP Sub-Committee is to provide operational guidance and support in the form of model standard operating procedures to the nation’s public safety answering points, emergency response centers, and aligned organizations (i.e., emergency management/emergency response).

The Standard Operating Procedures developed by the SOP Sub-Committee form part of a national knowledge database on public safety/emergency communications center operations and are available to NENA’s membership for use in developing, implementing or managing initiatives for their member organizations.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
NENA-INF-007 Handling Text Message Calls to 9-1-1 Link  more ] Administration 10/10/2013
NENA-INF-004 Operational Impact of Devices/Sensors Link  more ] Administration 8/7/2013
56-001 - Minimum Response To Wireless 9-1-1 Calls Link  more ] Administration 12/5/2011
56-002 - NORAD/FAA Notification: Airborne Events Link  more ] Administration 12/5/2011
56-003 Standards Emergency Notification Systems Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-004 TTY/TDD Communications SOP Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-005 9-1-1 Call Answering Standard Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-006 Emergency Call Processing Protocol Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-007 Pipeline Emergency Operations Link  more ] Administration 12/5/2011
56-501 Silent or Hang-Up 9-1-1 Calls Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-503 Emergency Notification Systems Link  more ] Administration 1/7/2013
56-504 VoIP 9-1-1 Deployment & Operational Guidlin Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-505 Calls Regarding Missing & Exploited Childr Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-506 Public Safety Answering Point Site Select Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-507 Railroad & PSAP Interaction Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
56-508 Handling Human Trafficking Calls Link  more ] Administration 12/5/2011
56-509 Providing 3rd Party EMD Services Link  more ] Administration 12/5/2011
NENA-INF-001 Social Networking in 9-1-1 PSAPs Link Administration 8/30/2012

Wireless 9-1-1 Integration Standards & Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
57-001 Wireless Overflow, Default & Diverse Rtg Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2013
57-001A PSAP Guide to GIS - Wireless Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2013
57-002 Wireless Mntnce Call Rtg & Testing Validtn Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2013
57-002A Call Routing / TVW Spreadsheet Link  more ] Administration 1/25/2013
57-002B Sample Nondisclosure Agreement Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2013
57-501 Wireless 9-1-1 Features & Functions Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
57-502 Wireless Phase I/II Planning Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
57-502A Wireless Phase I / II Agreements Link  more ] Administration 12/2/2011
60-601 Guidelines for Prepaid Wireless 9-1-1 Fees Link  more ] Administration 9/18/2012