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NENA, an ANSI-accredited Standards Developer, produces several classes of documents that are published by NENA as an information source for the industry. Documents are filed under their respective Committee.

NENA reserves the right to revise the documents for any reason including, but not limited to, conformity with criteria or standards promulgated by various regulatory agencies, utilization of advances in the state of operational techniques or services described herein. Be advised that drafts of NENA documents during development phases are not legitimate for use to support business claims of NENA compliance for procedures, processes, and/or products.

It is possible that certain federal, state or local regulations may restrict or require modification of the recommendations contained in this document. Therefore, these document should not be the only source of information used. NENA members are advised to contact their legal counsel to ensure compatibility with local requirements.

By using these documents, the user agrees that NENA will have no liability for any consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages arising from use of the document.

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  • When developing and deploying technical standards which employ enumerations, or lists of values, where the enumeration or lists can reasonably be expected to change over time as new technology, vendors, service providers or other stakeholders evolve, a known stable way to maintain the current acceptable values in the enumeration or list is required. The values in the enumeration or list are called a registry.

Administrative Documents     

Archived Documents

NENA maintains a document archive for research and historical purposes.
The user is cautioned to note the date of these documents, and recognize that more current information may be available.

#All NENA Standards

Doc Number Doc Name Committee Approved Date


 APCO/NENA ANS  3.105.1-2015 (originally  NENA 52-001 & 52-003)  Minimum Training Standard for TDD/TTY Use in the Public  Safety Communications Center  (ANSI accredited)
 Accessibility   2015/02/24 

 Managers Guide to the ADA Title II: Direct Access                   *****Update In Progress****

 52-501  TTY Phone Pals Program Operational Information Document

 NENA-INF-013.2-2015  (originally 52-502)

 Video Relay Service & IP Relay Service PSAP Interaction  Information Document 



Recommended Generic Standards for E9-1-1 PSAP  Equipment          *****Update In Progress****

 Agency  Systems  2000/08/23
 NENA-STA-026.5-2016  (originally 04-002)

PSAP Master Clock Standard (ANSI accredited)

 Agency  Systems
 04-003  Generic Standards E9-1-1 ISDN PSAP Equipment Utilizing  Basic Rate Interface (BRI) - ARCHIVED
 Agency  Systems
 04-004  Generic Standards for E9-1-1 PSAP Intelligent Workstation  (IWS) Equipment
 Agency  Systems
 04-501  Integrating Applications on Intelligent Workstations  Technical Information Document
 Agency  Systems
 04-502  E9-1-1 PSAP Site Characteristics Technical Information  Document
 Agency  Systems  2004/03/31


 02-010  Standard Legacy Data Formats For 9-1-1 Data Exchange  GIS Mapping         *****Update In Progress*****
 Data  Structures  2011/03/28
 02-501  Wireless (Pre-XML) Static and Dynamic ALI Data Content  Information Document  Data  Structures  2006/10/16
 02-503  XML Namespaces Information Document  Data  Structures  2007/02/23
 04-005  ALI Query Service Standard    2006/11/21

 NG9-1-1 Additional Data Standard  ***Update In Progress***

 Data  Structures  2009/09/17
 NENA-STA-004.1-2014  NENA Next Generation United States Civic Location Data 
 Exchange Format (CLDXF)
 Data  Structures  2014/03/23

 NENA-STA-008.2-2014  (originally 70-001)

 NENA Registry System (NRS) Standard  Data  Structures  2014/10/06
 NENA/APCO-INF-005  NENA/APCO Emergency Incident Data Document (EIDD)    Information Document  (superseded  by  APCO NENA  2.105.1-2017)  Agency  Systems 


 APCO/NENA 2.105.1-  2017

 NG9-1-1 Emergency Incident Data Document (EIDD)                         (ANSI accredited)

 NIEM IEPD (Schemas & other documents)


 Agency  Systems  2017/01/03
  DATA MANAGEMENT DOCUMENT (including NG9-1-1)    
 02-011  Data Standards For Local Exchange Carriers, ALI Service  Providers & 9-1-1 Jurisdictions 
 Data  Management  2012/05/12
 02-013  Data Standards for the Provisioning and Maintenance of  MSAG Files to VDBs and ERDBs
 Data  Management


 Reviewed 9/12/2014


 GIS Data Collection and Maintenance Standards

 Data  Management
 02-015  Standard for Reporting and Resolving ANI/ALI  Discrepancies and No Records Found for Wireline, Wireless  and VoIP Technologies
 Data  Management
 02-502  NENA Company ID Registration Service Information  Document
 Data  Management
 Standards for Local Service Provider Interconnection  Information Sharing
 Data  Management
 Synchronizing Geographic Information System Databases  with MSAG & ALI Information Document  Data  Management
 An Overview of Policy Rules for Call Routing and Handling  in NG9-1-1 Information Document
 Data  Management
 NENA-INF-011.1-2014   NENA NG9-1-1 Policy Routing Rules Operations Guide   Data  Management   2014/10/06 
 NENA-INF-014.1-2015  NENA Information Document for Development of  Site/Structure Address Point GIS Data for 9-1-1  Data  Management   2015/09/18
 NENA-STA-003.1.1-2014  NENA Standard for NG9-1-1 Policy Routing Rules
 Data  Management
 NENA-REQ-002.1-2016  NENA Next Generation 9-1-1 Data Management  Requirements  Data  Management  2016/03/10
 NENA-STA-005.1.1- 2017  NENA Standards for the Provisioning and Maintenance of GIS data to ECRF and LVFs  Data  Management  2017/08/10


 03-502  Trunking for Private Switch 9-1-1 Service Information  Document  Interconnection   & Security  2003/04/11
 06-003  Private Switch (PS) E-9-1-1 Database Standard
 Data  Management
 06-502  Industry Common Mechanisms for MLTS E9-1-1 Caller  Location Discovery and Reporting Information Document
 Data  Management



NENA Standard for the Implementation of Enhanced MF Signaling, E9-1-1 Tandem to PSAP

***No further updates to be made - reference only***

  Interconnection   & Security  2007/01/17
 03-003  Implementation of Inter-Networking, E9-1-1 Tandem to  Tandem Reference
 Interconnection   & Security
 E9-1-1 Functional Entity Model Standard
 Interconnection   & Security

 Generic Requirements for an E9-1-1 SR  ***ARCHIVED***

 Interconnection   & Security
 E9-1-1 Call Congestion Management Standards
 Interconnection   & Security
 E9-1-1 Default Assignment and Call Routing Functions  Standard
 Interconnection   & Security
 03-501  Network Quality Assurance Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 SS7 Guidelines for Wireline and VoIP Emergency Services  Gateway Interconnection to 9-1-1 Selective Routers  Information Document **NO FURTHER UPDATES***** 
 Interconnection   & Security


 Reviewed 9/12/2014


 PSAP Call Back to All 9-1-1 Callers, Combating Wireless  E911 Fraud and Mobile Emergency Service (E911M)  Information Document          *****ARCHIVED*****
 Interconnection   & Security
 E9-1-1 Voice Circuit Requirements, Providing a P.01 Grade  of Service Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 ESQK Guidelines for VoIP to E9-1-1 Connectivity  Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 Impacts of Using a Common Trunk Group to Carry Calls of  Multiple Service Types into a Legacy Selective Router  Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 Femtocell and Universal Mobile Access (UMA) Information  Document           and UMA Appendix
 Interconnection   & Security
 05-001   Standard for the Implementation of the Wireless Emergency  Service Protocol E2 Interface    Interconnection   & Security   2003/12/02 
 05-501  SS7 Guidelines for MSC to Selective Router Connectivity  Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security


 Reviewed 9/12/2014

 NENA-INF-002.1-2012  The Effect of Mass Calling Events on Legacy SR to PSAP  Trunking Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 NENA INF-018.1-2017  NENA Non Mobile Wireless Service Interaction Information Document   Interconnection   & Security  2017/02/16


 NENA-INF-008.2-2014  (originally 77-501)  NG9-1-1 Transition Plan Considerations Information  Document
 NG Transition  Planning  2013/11/20


 04-503  Network/System Access Security Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security

 Security for Next-Generation 9-1-1 Standard

Portions of this document are appropriate for E9-1-1 as well.

 Interconnection   & Security

 Next Generation 9-1-1 Security Audit Checklist Information  Document

Portions of this document are appropriate for E9-1-1 as well.

 Interconnection   & Security

NENA NG9‑1‑1 Security Information Document

Portions of this document are appropriate for E9-1-1 as well.

 Interconnection   & Security  2016/12/08
 NENA-INF-023.1-2017  NENA Call Blocking Information Document  PSAP  Operations  2017/11/02


 08-001  Interim VoIP Architecture for Enhanced 9-1-1 Services (i2)  Standard
 Interconnection   & Security
 08-503  VoIP Characteristics Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 08-504  VoIP Standards Development Organization Information  Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 57-503  Procedures for Notification of ERDB & VPC Operators of  ESN Changes by 9-1-1 Administrator Information Document
 PSAP  Operations
 58-502  VoIP Funding and Regulatory Issues Information Document
 PSAP  Operations


 08-002  Functional and Interface Standards for Next Generation      9-1-1 Version
 Interconnection   & Security
 NENA-STA-010.2-2016 (originally 08-003)

 Detailed Functional and Interface Standards for the NENA  i3 Solution   

 NENA Registry System (v2 schemas are shown under "i3-v2-xml-schemas"

 *****Update In Progress*****

 Interconnection   & Security
 08-501  Interface between the E9-1-1 Service Provider Network  and the Internet Protocol (IP) PSAP Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 08-502  E9-1-1 Requirements Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 08-505  Methods for Location Determination to Support IP-Based  Emergency Services Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 08-506  Emergency Services IP Network Design for NG9-1-1  Information Document      *****Update In Progress*****
 Interconnection   & Security
 08-751  NENA i3 Requirements Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 08-752  Location Information to Support IP-Based Emergency  Services Requirements Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 57-750  NG9-1-1 System and PSAP Operational Features and  Capabilities Requirements Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 73-501  Use Cases & Suggested Requirements for Non-Voice-  Centric Emergency Services Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 NENA-INF-003.1-2013  Potential Points of Demarcation in NG9-1-1 Networks  Information Document
 Interconnection   & Security
 NENA-INF-006.1-2014   NG9-1-1 Planning Guidelines Information Document  NG Project  Lead Team   2014/01/08 
 NENA-INF-009.1-2014   Requirements for a National Forest Guide Information  Document   Interconnection   & Security   2014/08/14 
 NENA/APCO-REQ-001.1.1-2016  NENA/APCO NG9-1-1 PSAP Requirements Document  Agency  Systems  2016/01/15



Future 9-1-1 Models Information Document ARCHIVED 20150922

 Interconnection   & Security
 07-502  Non-Traditional Communications for E9-1-1 Information  Document ARCHIVED 20150922
 Interconnection   & Security
 07-503  Network Interfaces for E9-1-1 and Emerging Technologies    Information Document ARCHIVED 20150922
 Interconnection   & Security

Automatic Collision Notification & Vehicle Telematics  Information Document                                                ***No further updates to be made - reference only***

 Interconnection   & Security
   Vehicle Emergency Data Set, Advanced Automatic Crash  Notification (AACN) Joint APCO/NENA Data  Standardization Working Group, Version 3.0.    2012/04/13 


  NENA-INF-017.2-2015  (originally 53-001)

 PSAP Disaster & Contingency Plans Model  Recommendation

 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-STA-009.2-2015  (originally 53-002)
 Mutual Aid Standard/Model Recommendation
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-INF-019.2-2016  (originally 53-501 & 53-502)  Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis Information Document 
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-INF-020.2-2017 (originally 53-503)
 PSAP Survivability Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 53-504  Drills and Exercises Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-INF-012.2-2015  (originally 53-506) 
 Inter-Agency Agreements Model Recommendations  Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 Virtual PSAP Management Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 APCO-NENA-ANS 1-  102-  2-2010 (originally 53-505)  APCO-NENA Service Capability Criteria Rating Scale  Information Document   (ANSI accredited)  PSAP  Operations   2010/07/28 
 NENA-INF-010.1-2014  NENA Succession Planning Information Document  PSAP  Operations    2014/10/06 


 54-001  Communications Center/PSAP Daily Personnel Operations  Model Recommendation
 PSAP  Operations 
 54-002  See NENA-STA-007.1   PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-REF-004.3-2017  (originally 54-501)
 NENA Resource List for Human Resources Information as  well as PSAP Staffing Guidelines Report & Staffing  Worksheet
 PSAP  Operations 


 54-750  Human Machine Interface & PSAP Display Requirements
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-STA.001.1-2013  Suicide Prevention Standard
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-STA.002.1-2013  9-1-1 Acute/Traumatic and Chronic Stress Management  Standard
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-STA-007.1  (originally 54-002)   Hearing Standards for Public Safety Telecommunicators  PSAP  Operations   2014/06/14
 PSAP Staffing Guidelines Report & Staffing Worksheet   PSAP  Operations    2003/08/01



 Guidelines For Minimum Response To Wireless 9-1-1 Calls                     *****Update In Progress*****

 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA Standard For NORAD/FAA Notification: Airborne  Events
 PSAP  Operations 
 Minimum Standards for Emergency Telephone Notification  Systems
 PSAP  Operations 
 TTY/TDD Communications Standard Operating Procedure  Model Recommendation
 PSAP  Operations 

 Call Answering Standard/Model Recommendation                         *****Update In Progress*****

 PSAP  Operations 

 Emergency Call Processing Protocol Standard                           *****Update In Progress*****

 PSAP  Operations 
 56-007  Pipeline Emergency Operations Standard/Model  Recommendation
 PSAP  Operations 

 Silent or Hang-Up 9-1-1 Calls for Service Information  Document            *****Update In Progress*****

 PSAP  Operations 
 56-503  Wide Area / Statewide Emergency Notification Systems  Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 56-505  Guidelines for Handling Calls Regarding Missing and  Exploited Children Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 56-506  NENA Public Safety Answering Point Site Selection  Criteria Operations Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-STA-013.2-2016 (originally 56-507)  PSAP & Railroad Interaction Standard (ANSI accredited)
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-INF-022.2-2017 (originally 56-508)  Protocol for Handling Calls Regarding Human Trafficking  Information Document 
 PSAP  Operations 
 56-509  NENA/APCO Best Practices Model for Third Party  Emergency Medical  Dispatch Services and PSAPs  Information Document
 PSAP  Operations   2011/06/13
 NENA-INF-001.1-2012  Social Networking in 9-1-1 PSAPs Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-INF-004.1-2013  Operational Impacts of Devices and Sensors Information  Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 NENA-INF-007.1-2013  Handling Text-to-9-1-1 in the PSAP Information Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 APCO/NENA ANS 1  .107.1-­‐2015   Standard for the Establishment of a Quality Assurance and  Quality Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering  Points   (ANSI accredited)  PSAP  Operations 


 REF  SMS Text to 9-1-1 Resources  PE & PT
 PSAP Interim Text to 9-1-1 Support Documents  PE & PT   2014/12/02 

 NENA Recommended Public Education Plan for Interim  SMS Text-to-9-1-1

 PE & PT    2015/03/31 
 NENA Recommended NG9-1-1 Public Education Plan for  Elected Officials and Decision Makers
 PE & PT
 Wireless 9-1-1 Consumer Education
 PE & PT
 Number Portability Consumer Education
 PE & PT
 Public Education Funding & Resources
 PE & PT
 Basics of Public Education  
 PE & PT
 Public Education Clearinghouse Form
 PE & PT
 REF   Tools for PSAPs to use when working with App Providers
 PSAP  Operations   2014/05/13


 57-001  Wireless E9-1-1 Overflow, Default and Diverse Routing  Standard & A PSAP Managers’ Guide to GIS & Wireless    9-1-1
 PSAP  Operations 
 57-002  E9-1-1 Wireless Maintenance Call Routing & Testing  Validation Standard     including Call Routing & Testing  Validation Worksheet & Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement
 PSAP  Operations 
 57-501  Wireless Phase I & II Features and Functions Information  Document
 PSAP  Operations 
 57-502  Wireless Phase I/II Planning and Implementation Checklist  and Modules Information Document including Service  Agreements
 PSAP  Operations 
 60-601  Model Baseline Guidelines for Drafting Statutes or Rules  Associated with Prepaid Wireless Service and 9-1-1  Emergency Service Fees Information Document
 Regulatory/  Legislative
 APCO-NENA ANS 1  105 2-2015   Standard for Telecommunicator Emergency Response
 Taskforce (TERT) Deployment
   (ANSI accredited)
 National Joint  TERT Initiative

  Questions? Please contact NENA's Committee Resource Manager.

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