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The Agency Systems Committee is responsible for developing recommendations, requirements, and standards necessary to insure the reliable interoperability of all systems that public safety agencies use to handle emergency calls and associated data.

In E9-1-1, those systems include Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and interfaces to legacy supporting networks.

In NG9-1-1, those systems include the agency-managed functional elements that support the public safety agents who answer and process emergency calls and data through the end of an emergency incident. The Committee may also develop documentation regarding the technical and operational features of some selected systems.



Rick Blackwell, ENP
Greenville County SC
Michael Smith
DSS Corporation


Working Groups

Rick Blackwell ENP - Co-Chair
Michael Smith - Co-Chair

  • Agency Systems Document Review    
    This working group will be responsible for updating Agency Systems Committee’s legacy documents. Calls will be Friday's at 1 pm ET for 1 hour. 

Co-Chairs Amy McDowell ENP and Mike Vislocky


  • NG9-1-1 Call Processing Metrics    
    The NG9-1-1 Call Processing Metrics Working Group is creating a NENA standard that specifies NG9-1-1 “processing metrics”. These metrics are traditionally considered to be defined time spans between pairs of processing events that can be used in reporting and analysis. Examples would be the time between two steps in call processing, or the time between a database query and the received response. ANSI project initiation notice was published in May 2015. Calls will be Monday's at 1 pm ET for 1 hour.  

      Co-Chairs Jerry Schlesinger and Dan Mongrain


Standards & Documents for this Committee

NG9-1-1 PSAP   
NG9-1-1 PSAP   
NG9-1-1 PSAP   
The jo
Rick Blackwell - Co-Chair NENA
Michael Smith - Co-Chair APCO
Rick Blackwell - Co-Chair NENA
Michael Smith - Co-Chair APCO