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Join now to enjoy professional, educational and social benefits you won't find anywhere else!


NENA membership enables you to stay informed about the latest issues and trends in 9-1-1. Members have access to vast library of print, online, and peer resources.

  Subscription to The Call magazine

  Membership updates

  Public Safety SmartBrief

  Access to 9-1-1 Standards and Best Practices




NENA's most valuable resource is its network of thousands of public safety professionals from around the county and beyond.

  Membership in local chapter

  Networking and peer-to-peer support

  Interactive NENA website

  Access to comprehensive membership directory



NENA's industry best education and certification programs offer professional development and training on the latest 9-1-1 technology and operations topics.

  Robust course catalog

  Professional certification & training (ENPCMCP)


  Conferences & events




As a membership-driven, volunteer-based association, NENA depends on its membership to help address critical 9-1-1 issues. 

  Volunteer! Committees and working groups provide NENA members with the chance to provide leadership and help shape the future of 9-1-1.

  Standards & Best Practices Conference (SBP)





NENA knows that you want to get the most out of your membership investment. NENA members receive the biggest savings on conferences, courses, certifications and webinars (sometimes they're even free!).

  Members-only discounts on national and chapter events

  NENA affinity programs



Telecommunicator Membership

Benefits include:

  • Invitation to join the Telecommunicator Caucus
  • Digital access to NENA publications
  • TC-only resource page
  • Special training and scholarship opportunities

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What Members Say

NENA Membership:  Why It Matters




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Downloadable membership forms and brochures
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NENA IPR Policy PDF (290.3 KB) Administration 9/30/2014
Membership Application Form PDF (167.33 KB) Administration 9/25/2019
Public Sector Group Membership Application PDF (86.69 KB) Administration 9/25/2019
Private Sector Group Membership Application PDF (73.17 KB) Administration 9/25/2019
Retired Membership Application Form PDF (128.92 KB) Administration 10/9/2019