CIF Schedule & Sessions
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Wednesday, October 7

1:00PM | Welcome, Introductions, & the Path Thus Far

· The roadmap agreement overview

· Foundational location elements

· Purpose and goals of the Critical Issues Forum

1:30PM | What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Location Essentials for Every 9-1-1 Professional

· How location works today, from a technical and operations prospective

· Case studies from around the country highlighting the complex puzzle that is the location issue

3:30PM | Improving Accuracy: First Steps

· What we can do today to ensure more effective handling of wireless 9-1-1 calls

· Overview of previous and current efforts to address call routing and processing issues

Thursday, October 8

9:00AM | It Starts at Home: Why Local GIS, Mapping, & Data Are the Building Blocks for Success

· What steps agencies can and should take to ensure the most accurate and complete GIS information is available, now and in the future

10:45AM | The Road(map) Ahead: What the Wireless Location Accuracy Order Does & Does Not Say & How We Get There

· The roadmap agreement: Work to date

· Test beds

· Proposed "Z” axis solutions

· The FCC’s recent wireless location accuracy order

12:00PM | Lunch & Learn

· Remarks from Rear Admiral (ret.) David Simpson, Chief of the FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau

· Discussion of the impact of location accuracy developments and improvements on the PSAP

1:45PM | Tools of Trade

· An overview of proposed solutions that leverage existing and future technologies, systems, hardware, and networks

· A demonstration of location accuracy developments

· Summary of progress

3:00PM | 9-1-1 = 2025: How You Can Help Lead the Way

· The future of 9-1-1 location services

· "Dispatchable location,” the future of the 9-1-1 industry, and your role in it

4:00PM | CIF Adjourns