NDC Pre-Conference Courses
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Sunday, October 4 | 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Quality Assurance: A Roadmap to Achieving QA/QI in the PSAP

To date, quality assurance has largely been considered part of the call taking process. So what about dispatch or any processes beyond call taking? This class closes the loop on PSAP best practices by applying QA strategies and principles to the dispatch parts of a call. NENA’s hands-on approach gets attendees completely engaged in the methods and practices intended to create agency policies and a dispatch QA template. Utilizing sample recordings and CAD printouts, participants will examine the QA review process, measurement and evaluation tools, supervisor-to-telecommunicator feedback scenarios, and related legal issues.

Understanding Databases in NG91-1

NG9-1-1 software and databases are controlled in fundamentally new ways from E9-1-1 and present exciting new opportunities and challenges. This course is geared toward the operational perspective and is designed for managers, supervisors, and administrators. It introduces attendees to the world of NG9-1-1 systems, software, databases, and the data contained therein. Starting with the basics, participants will gain a foundational understanding of the roles each of the many databases play, how they work together, and their basic data requirements. Understanding the roles and capabilities of these different databases in NG9-1-1 will allow agencies to make informed decisions and develop the necessary policies and requirements as they move toward NG9-1-1.