NENA 2012 Buzz Sessions
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Monday, June 11 | Tuesday, June 12

Education and training opportunities extend into the Exhibit Hall on Monday and Tuesday, where you can learn more about the technologies, products, and services on display at the event. Presentations, demonstrations, and panel discussions provide an in-depth look at the changing face of emergency communications. Don’t miss this opportunity to see tomorrow’s 9-1-1 today!

Monday Buzz Sessions

10:15AM – 11:00AM 

911 Emergency Assist: Making 9-1-1 Response More Effective
James Torgler – Bagatelle Enterprises
911 Emergency Assist (911EA) is a web-based family emergency notification system for today’s multi-generational family. Because 911EA will be linked with the national 9-1-1 network, subscribers’ contacts are notified soon after emergency responders are dispatched to the scene. This presentation explains how 911EA protects first responders, how 911EA will provide funding for your county’s 9-1-1 centers, and how 911EA will link a cell phone to a person and an address.

Next Generation 9-1-1 Security
Brian Knueppel – Acme Packet
Next Generation 9-1-1 is built on enabling technologies that allow the public to transmit multimedia including voice, video, text, images, and data files to the PSAP. Attend this session to learn how to protect Next Generation 9-1-1 networks from Denial of Service (DoS) and other attacks.

11:15AM – 12:00PM

Using Collaborative Visualization Display Walls to Heighten Situational Awareness & Establish a Common Operating Picture
Robert Cameron – CriticalSpace Solutions
Situational awareness is essential to the process of managing critical events. Whether it is a traffic accident, hazmat situation, severe weather event, or any other scenario, establishing a common operating picture using large screen collaborative display walls can help to improve the way your agency responds to these events. Join us to learn how agencies are utilizing collaborative display walls, what technologies are available, and what you need to know before you implement a solution.

Next Generation 9-1-1: Is It Really Happening?
Bob Connell, ENP – Zetron, Inc.
This session examines the changes that are driving the 9-1-1 evolution – the NENA standards that have already been adopted and some of the critical standards yet to be completed. Discuss will focus on how these new standards could impact decisions that are being made today. The presenter will also share information on what the states are doing right now to prepare for the future.

12:15PM – 1:00PM

Host it Your Way – Now!
Craig Dollar – Emergency CallWorx; Betty Hall – Emergency CallWorx
You’ve heard the lingo — geo-diverse, regionally deployed, remote hosted, cloud hosted – but do you know what they mean? Should you? Learn how your agency can benefit from these choices as i3 standards evolve and mature. An IP-based architecture can solve the critical financial and technical obstacles you face. Find out how to drastically reduce your cost-of-ownership while simplifying your personnel’s day-to-day tasks.

Gateway Integration to NG9-1-1 Networks
Ian Colville – Aculab
This session describes the lessons learned from experience gained in installing commercially available SS7-to-SIP gateways as the Protocol Interface Function (PIF) of a Legacy Network Gateway (LNG) in live Next Generation 9-1-1 deployments in the United States. It is a technical presentation that is, however, suitable for a mixed audience.

 Tuesday Buzz Sessions

11:15AM – 12:00PM

Indoor Location, Z-Axis, & the NextNav Network
Ganesh Pattabiraman – NextNav, LLC
This session features a discussion of the powerful new technology being deployed by NextNav to geo-locate cellular phones indoors by using wide-area techniques. Further, participants will learn how NextNav can also offer very high precision (floor-level) in the Z-axis.

Enterprise Multi-Tenant Call-Handling Solutions
Sam Bard – microDATA GIS, Inc.
9-1-1 agencies are faced with increasing demands on limited resources. Agencies can benefit from shared enterprise call-handling, though many are concerned about giving up control and privacy. Come learn how microDATA's suite of enterprise multi-tenant 9-1-1 call-handling solutions allow agencies to share resources, increase redundancy, and increase interoperability, without sacrificing the management control and integrity of their individual systems.

12:15PM – 1:00PM

Rapid Dissemination of Emergency Messages (RDEM) Solution
Rick Ruth – TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
TCS’s RDEM solution allows Emergency Managers to promote both intra-state communications and communications between international, federal, state, local, and tribal public safety agencies. The RDEM application allows Emergency Managers to quickly and easily issue emergency alerts utilizing multiple pathways of communication, and it fully integrates with the FEMA Integrated Public Alert and Warning System to provide CAP-compliant alerting for the Next Generation Emergency Alert System.

Taming the Scheduling Beast
Mark Musick – Schedule Express by Informer Systems
Many agencies are responding to scheduling challenges by using paper, spreadsheets, or untailored calendaring programs, yet are still finding that scheduling has not gotten any easier, less time consuming, less costly, or any more effective. With increased pressure placed on agencies to find cost saving measures, come hear the latest innovations surrounding tailored scheduling software that can meet your agency’s high demands, along with saving your agency time and money.

2:45PM – 3:30PM

Introducing The NEW 9-1-1 Desktop Academy
Sue Pivetta – Pride, Inc
Your training files and training material may not be as ‘complete’, ’current’, or ‘organized’ as you would like them to be. The new Desktop Academy takes the complete turnkey 9-1-1 academy of a ten unit Core Curriculum to include over $5,000 worth of professional training products and puts it all digitally loaded onto a Dell Desktop All In One Computer. This demonstration features examples of the training products, as well as the Create A Training Manual Template and the NECC Certification.

Business Continuity & Disaster Preparedness
Michael Lee – Intrado
Readiness lies at the heart of public safety. Today’s strategies must reach beyond natural disasters to include large-scale public gatherings and broad national threats. Contingency Planning is an absolute necessity. This presentation demonstrates how new and emerging technologies available in a mobile communications/command center can keep emergency communications intact throughout crisis situations, employing a multi-disciplinary approach for a fully sustained and redundant solution.