NENA 2013 PSAP Tours
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Sunday, 6.16 | Monday, 6.17 | Wednesday, 6.19
1:00PM – 4:00PM each day
Each tour visits all three facilities!

Charlotte Fire Communications
Charlotte Fire Communications has been housed in a Fire Station since 1991 and has undergone several renovations. They are in the process of consolidating with CMPD and will be building a new Communications Center. They dispatch City Fire only (42 Fire Stations) responding to fire incidents and as first responders on medical calls. These dispatches occur on a P25 800 MHz radio system using USDD station alerting affectionately called "Samantha”. Charlotte Fire Communications utilizes Visicad by Tritech, a Power 911 Intrado phone system, a Verint recorder, and Viking Acoustical Furniture.

  • The Communications Center started with only 3 positions, then grew to 8, and again to 11 this year
  • Shares a Back-up Center with CMPD and MEDIC at a Training Academy which has 44 positions
  • Charlotte Fire Communications has 36 telecommunicators who work twelve hour shifts and 3 management positions for a total of 39 staff
  • Overall, the Charlotte Fire Department employs 1,160
  • 94,066 incidents were dispatched in 2012

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) Communications Division/CharMeck 911 is the primary PSAP for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The main communications center is located in the CMPD headquarters building in center-city Charlotte. Constructed in 1996, the center has 15 9-1-1 consoles and 12 dispatch consoles, with 2 additional workstations on the supervisor’s bridge. The center uses Intrado Power911 and Intergraph CAD. A backup center with 20 9-1-1 consoles and 17 dispatch positions was constructed in the Police and Fire Academy in 2011.

  • The division is led by a police captain, and employs 113 telecommunicators, 17 DCI technicians, 13 supervisors, and 6 management, technical and support personnel
  • Dispatchers work with over 1700 CMPD officers in patrol, investigative, and special units across 13 divisions, as well as Davidson and Huntersville officers
  • As the primary PSAP, call-takers answered over 840, 000 9-1-1 calls in 2012

Medic dispatches Mecklenburg EMS, Mecklenburg County Fire Departments & 1st Responders. Only EMS transport agency in Mecklenburg County, handling all 9-1-1 & non-emergent transports

  • Overall Agency staff of 510
  • Communications staff of 48
  • Dispatch 70 ambulances & 16 county fire stations
  • Dispatched 143,362 EMS & fire incidents in 2012

The Communications Center includes: Xybix console furniture; Intrado telephone system; VisiCAD by TriTech CAD system; Motorola 8-site, 800 MHz P25 digital radio system; and Verint recording system with Carolina Recording Systems.