NENA 2016 Keynote Speakers
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Jake Wood | Monday, June 13
Co-Founder/President of Team Rubicon and author of Take Command on leading with purpose

The One & the Nine: Building Teams & Organizations That Win
For every 100 people in a typical organization, there are ten people who shouldn’t even be there, eighty who, at their best, have a neutral impact, nine who perform exceptionally, and one who is a true leader capable of taking command and creating a winning team. This reality is forcing organizations to rethink what they know about leadership, change management, and risk. Those that can adapt will thrive, while those that refuse to grown and evolve will flounder and fail.

During his NENA 2016 opening keynote, Jake Wood will inspire you and give you the tools to become a better leader and to build a more agile team. Using his own remarkable journey as an athlete, Marine Scout Sniper, and co-founder of Team Rubicon, Jake will show how you can improve your organization, win life’s battles, and become the "one” others look to.

Dr. Natalie Stavas | Tuesday, June 14
Inspirational Boston Marathon hero, humanitarian, & award-winning physician

Running Towards Chaos
An avid runner, Natalie Stavas’s philosophy for success is, "You Run Towards.” This was never more apparent than on April 15, 2013. She was about to finish the Boston Marathon when bombs detonated at the finish line. Instead of turning around and running away with the crowd, she ran towards the chaos and saved four lives that day.

Natalie attacks every obstacle with the same attitude: "You run towards that which you fear, that which challenges you, that which is oppositional” and empowers others to do the same. She asks the audience to reflect on chaos in their own lives and discusses the ultimate decision of "running into chaos” and how to deal with the consequences. Attendees will leave understanding why we should all consider ourselves people who "run towards” and how it can help us find meaning in our chaotic lives.

Rick Lasky | Wednesday, June 15
35-plus year public safety veteran, author, and leadership development expert

Five Alarm Leadership: Real Leadership With Real People
Rick Lasky has experienced many of the challenges and hurdles that you face every day. During his 35+ year career he’s learned how to treat people, how to motivate them, how to coach and counsel them, and, in some cases, how to discipline them so that they want to come back and contribute even more to their profession.

Join Rick as he guides you through your difficult but vital role as a public safety leader. You’ll learn how to energize and motivate the people in your department to perform and excel in everything they do. By examining many of the common situations that public safety officials find themselves in you will learn how to resolve them effectively and for good. Issues such as integrity, inspiration, interest, innovation, insight,and initiative are all discussed and applied to the life of a public servant.