NENA PIPE Database: Your Pipeline to 9-1-1

NENA PIPE Database

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Operators of gas, hazardous liquid, and liquefied natural gas pipeline facilities… should immediately and directly notify the Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) that serves the communities and jurisdictions in which those pipelines are located when there are indications of a pipeline facility emergency.

To meet the new PHMSA requirements, an accurate database of PSAPs matched to your company’s pipeline routes is essential. Developed specifically for pipeline operators by the 9-1-1 industry’s leading association, NENA, the PSAP Information for Pipeline Emergencies (PIPE) Database connects pipeline operators with local 9-1-1 centers along pipeline routes during emergencies. When seconds count and reliability matters, the NENA PIPE database is the product of choice for companies looking to ensure compliance and enhance public safety along every mile of pipeline.

"In an emergency, every second counts when it comes to protecting lives, property, and pipeline companies’ relationships with local communities. The NENA PIPE Database will help companies comply with this mandate and enhance public safety along every mile of every pipeline. If we can shave even 10 seconds off of response times in critical situations, it will almost always correlate to better outcomes.”
Brian Fontes, CEO of NENA