NES Registration Information
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Registration Rates

Individual Attendee


1 Course:



2 Courses:



3 Courses:




Agency Attendee


1-4 Courses:

$150 Each


5-10 Courses:

$125 Each


11+ Courses:

$100 Each


How to Register

As an Individual
  1. If you are a member, sign into your member account.
  2. Select the desired Individual Attendee registration options (1 course, 2 courses, 3 courses).
  3. Skip the RELATED PRODUCTS section. This applies to agency registrants only.
  4. Select the session(s)/course(s) you wish to attend. Remember to select the number of courses you purchased (e.g. 2 courses = 2 session selections).
  5. Enter your registration information and click the Save & Finalize button. If registering another individual attendee, click the Save & Add Another Attendee button and continue.
  6. Confirm your registration/purchase details and checkout! If using a group membership voucher, enter the group voucher code in the checkout page promo box and apply it to your purchase.
  7. Print out a receipt for your records.

As an Agency
  1. Select your desired Agency Attendee registration option ( 5,10 courses, or 11+). The options start you off at the lowest course option at each level.
  2. Add additional courses by selecting the corresponding ADD-ON product from the RELATED PRODUCTS section.

    Example Your agency is sending 3 people to all three days - that is 9 courses. On the registration page you select the 5 course seat option and then select the corresponding  5-10 ADD-ON option to add 4 additional seats for a total of  $1,125 (9 x $125 = $1,125).  Example 2: If you're sending 5 people to all three days that's 15 x $100 = $1,500!  Select the 11 course seats option and add 4 additional seats with the corresponding 11+ ADD-ON option for a total of  15 seats for $1,500.

  3. Skip the SESSIONS section.
  4. Enter your registration information and click the Save & Finalize button.
  5. Confirm registration details and checkout. 
  6. Print out a receipt for your records.