Candidate for Canadian Regional Director (unopposed)

Nancy BanksIt has been my pleasure to serve on the NENA Executive Board as the Canadian Regional Director since 2009. This position has been a wonderful opportunity to meet many NENA members and to ensure that issues of importance to Canadian, and other members, continue to be addressed. This is an exciting time for 9-1-1 with many changes coming. We’re transitioning to new networks and implementing additional functions and features. Many believe technology is the driving factor, but we can’t let that overshadow the needs and issues of the operational side. There is much work to be done on both fronts to prepare for Next Generation 9-1-1.

In just over 30 years in public safety communications, I’ve been very lucky to have served in various capacities and participated in many groups to help build awareness and knowledge in others. I started as "just a dispatcher” in 1980, at Peel Regional Police. While I was on the floor, I was a platoon trainer and an acting supervisor. In 1993 I became the Training Coordinator, and that position transitioned to my current position as Supervisor of Communications Training, when additional staff were needed.

In 2004, I had more time to devote to organizations of which I’d been a member of for many years. I was elected to the APCO Canada Board where I spent five years, with one year as President. As a member since 1994, it was time to contribute more to the organization. I had joined NENA in 1996 when I became aware of what they had to offer. In 2001 I challenged myself with attaining my ENP certification. In 2006 I was asked to submit my resume to the NENA Education Advisory Board, which placed me in a group of people who were devoted to developing and delivering training, just like I was. I continue to be a NENA trainer, in addition to speaking at various conferences. In 2012 I attained my APCO RPL certification to complete another goal I had set for myself.

There are many changes coming over the next few years in our industry. Through knowledge and information sharing, we all contribute to ensuring that 9-1-1 continues to work and provides access to those who need it in times of crisis. NENA provides many opportunities to increase our understanding through standards development and educational programs. The ENP program provides a professional certification specific to 9-1-1. I’m very proud of the work NENA does and I’m grateful to be a part of such a dedicated group of 9-1-1 professionals.