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 The PSAP Manager’s Toolkit
 Jim Lake, ENP, Eric Parry, ENP, Nancy Banks, ENP

9-1-1 is evolving and so is the makeup of communications center workforce. As PSAPs prepare for next generation technology, they must also prepare for next generation telecommunicators. Although the ability to utilize cell phones, text messaging, and the internet have created a new breed of worker who is comfortable with technology, challenges may arise when trying to communicate with these Generation Y-ers (born 1981-2000).

By preparing for them and the Millenials (born after 2000), we can determine how they will affect the inter-employee dynamic within the PSAP. By learning about the work ethics, motivations, and values held by the younger generations, PSAP managers can engender better communications, improve morale, and create a new generation of leaders. Through attending this course, 9-1-1 professionals – from the manager to the telecommunicator – will obtain a better understanding of their co-workers and learn to promote better social dynamics in the PSAP.

Courses within the PSAP Manager's Toolkit suite are:

NENA Courses - PSAP Manager's Tool Kit

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When PSAP managers need help optimizing most components inside their 9-1-1 centers, many answers can be found by reading a user’s manual or calling technical support. But what about the human element? How can you be sure that you are getting the most out of yourself and your employees?

The PSAP Manager’s Toolkit is designed to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective leader. Whether your are new to public safety agency management, or are a seasoned veteran looking to learn some new techniques, this suite of courses will help you understand the myriad issues faced by today’s managers and provide you with proven methods for approaching and improving your PSAP’s everyday operations.
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