Grant Management for PSAPs
Category:  Keeping Your PSAP Finely Tuned
Instructor(s): Donna Brown, ENP, L.V. "Pokey" Harris, Dorothy Spears-Dean

With budgets strained to the breaking point, grants have become a critical source of funding for 9-1-1 centers. Awards for improving homeland security, building next generation capable infrastructure, and upgrading PSAP technology continue to increase, but how can 9-1-1 professionals locate these opportunities and create successful applications? It’s easier than you may think!

Attendees will be taken through the entire grant management process, learning how grants operate and what typical grant applications look like. This continually updated course is an overview of the entire grant management process, and offers participants the tools and strategies necessary to maximize grant-funding opportunities. Through best practices and sample applications, participants will learn about finding grants, regional preparedness and cooperation prerequisites, requirements for data-sharing standards, and much more. Whether you are new to the process, or a veteran looking for fresh strategies, this course is a must for anyone interested in obtaining public safety grants.

NENA Courses - Keeping Your PSAP Finely Tuned

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The Keeping Your PSAP Finely Tuned suite of classes is targeted to 9-1-1 professionals and governing authorities responsible for ensuring that PSAPs are adequately funded, well protected in the event of a lawsuit, in compliance with governmental regulations, and able to evolve the form and function of the traditional PSAP.
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