Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Below is a list of Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources  for NENA members. chapters, and the greater 9-1-1 community. This page will be updated as new materials become available. Do you have or know of other resources that should be posted? If so, you can contact NENA's PSAP Operations Director, April Heinze. Page last updated 05.18.20. 


Watch a message from NENA's President to the 9-1-1 community about COVID19. A second message of support to 9-1-1 professionals is available here


Discounted Cleaning Supplies Available From AvKARE
NENA members are telling us they’re in dire need of cleaning and disinfecting supplies to keep themselves safe from COVID-19, and NENA put the word out looking for help. Within hours of our appeal, AvKARE, a Tennessee-based distributor of infection-control products, offered PSAPs a free supply of hand sanitizer and a 25% discount on their product Waltz D - which is used widely in healthcare, food service, education, and commercial settings - by using promo code EMERGENCY. Thank you, AvKARE for stepping up so quickly in support of North America’s 9-1-1 professionals!


9-1-1 & COVID-19 Report Series

  • **NEW 05.08** On May 8, NENA published How 9-1-1 Is Changing in a COVID-19 World, the second paper in NENA’s 9-1-1 & COVID-19 report series. This report, based on 500 survey responses from 9-1-1 professionals across 44 states and territories, builds upon insights from our initial report, available below. For example, the first survey asked respondents whether overall call and dispatch volumes had changed, while this survey asked specifically which types of calls and dispatches had changed. The survey responses reflected in this report were collected from April 20 to 24, almost a month after our initial survey and well into nationwide efforts to stem the pandemic.
  • On April 3, NENA published Initial Impacts of COVID-19 on 9-1-1 Centersthe first paper in our 9-1-1 & COVID-19 report series. This report, based on 500 survey responses from 9-1-1 professionals across 46 U.S. states and territories, provides the 9-1-1 community with an initial view into how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting PSAP operations, as well as what actions PSAPs and local authorities are taking to protect telecommunicators.



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Personal Assistance

  • Apple's COVID-19 Screening Tool
  • Many are already experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. Visit Upsolve if you would like to chat bankruptcy attorney online; you can also file for free.
  • Visit School Closures for information on school closures, next steps, resources, and support


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