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Friday, September 7, 2012  
Posted by: Delaine Arnold
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The Effect of Mass Calling Events on Legacy SR to PSAP Trunking, August 28, 2012, has been NENA Board approved and posted to the NENA website.

This NENA Information Document (NID) discusses a situation that was observed when a Mass Calling Event to 9-1-1 occurred within a Legacy 9-1-1 system provider platform.  Investigation by the Network Reliability Steering Committee (NRSC) determined that certain types of Legacy Selective Routers (SR) are susceptible to removing SR to PSAP trunks from service during high call volume events.  This document will discuss certain procedures, and policies that NENA, Legacy SR Operators, Public Safety agencies, and other equipment and network providers can do, alone or together, to prevent the SR from removing trunks from service.  The Network Reliability Steering Committee (NRSC) created a document outlining their findings.  It is ATIS-0100034, which can be located at in the document center.  A copy of the recommendations made in ATIS-0100034 is included in Appendix A of this NENA Information Document (NID).