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It's National 9-1-1 Education Month! Help Your Community Be 9-1-1 Ready!

Friday, March 29, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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NENA and the National 9-1-1 Education Coalition call upon 9-1-1 professionals, the public, and elected officials to recognize and promote the message Be 9-1-1 Ready for the month of April 2013.

The Coalition website,, provides extensive tools and resources to enhance 9-1-1 public education. A public relations toolkit and other materials to support the Be 9-1-1 Ready campaign are available currently on The website is updated frequently with content from 9-1-1 educators, local communities, and the Coalition. Sample messages include:

  • Know Where You Are:Where are you right now? Could you tell 9-1-1 exactly where to find you?
  • Call If you Can, Text if You Can’t: Your local 9-1-1 center may soon be able to accept SMS text messages provided by your wireless service provider. Continue to call 9-1-1 until you know your 9-1-1 center can accept text messages.
  • Stay Calm & Ready to Listen:9-1-1 is here to help you through until help arrives. Be ready to listen and follow directions.

April was first recognized as National 9-1-1 Education Month by the U.S. Congress in 2008, in support of the National 9-1-1 Education Coalition, an alliance of eight national organizations dedicated to advancing 9-1-1 public education across the country.

The Coalition encourages the 9-1-1 community and elected officials to create and promote local events during the month of April such as school outreach, street fairs featuring first responders and their equipment, and distribution of 9-1- 1 public educational materials.

The vision of the National 9-1-1 Education Coalition is to save lives and improve emergency response by creating a national 9-1-1 education and awareness effort to ensure the appropriate and responsible use of 9-1-1 resources and embraces contemporary communications opportunities. The Coalition also supports access to the "best of the best” 9-1-1 educational and promotional ideas, and fosters the advancement of 9-1-1 technology and services to meet the evolving needs of the public to access emergency help.

The organizations of the Coalition include NENA, APCO, CTIA - The Wireless Association, the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT), the NG9-1-1 Institute, the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch (NAED), the National Association of State 9-1-1 Administrators (NASNA), and 9-1-1 For Kids.

Additional resources are available at

If you have any 9-1-1 public education materials you would like to share share, please send any links, ideas in action, or samples to us at