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NENA Releases New NG9-1-1 Planning Guidelines Information Document

Friday, January 17, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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NG9-1-1 Planning Guidelines Information Document, NENA-INF-006, is now available! The purpose and scope of this document is to provide overall, high level guidance to help 9-1-1 Authorities create a smooth, timely and efficient transition plan to accomplish implementation of NG9-1-1.

While the development of technical standards and related information is still ongoing, there are many actions that 9-1-1 Authorities should consider in preparing for transitioning to an NG9-1-1 environment. These actions relate mostly to the preparation necessary to lay the proper foundation for this transition. At a high level, this process is relatively logical, and involves efforts to identify and organize the following Project Management actions:

  • Initiatives: Education, governance, scope & goals
  • Drivers: cost factors, emergency event response, institutional, statutory, geo-political situations, opportunities and constraints
  • Constraints: Identify the bounds within which the initiative will need to exist
  • Requirements: What kind of service environment is called for
  • Inventory: What is already in place and what is missing
  • Partnerships: Build Inter-local/inter-authority relationships and communication channels, including the current provider of emergency services
  • Specific Actions: Establish coordination of roles and responsibilities, Funding sources, Documentation, and Performance Measurement Metrics
  • Planning: Technological and Operational deployment, training, communication, testing, and go-live plans and procedures

More specific details for each of these Project Management actions are provided within this document.