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NENA Seeks Participants for ICE 6: End to End Test of i3 Architecture

Thursday, February 20, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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The NENA i3 architectural standard for NG9-1-1 defines functional elements, their interfaces, and their interactions to provide end to end delivery of emergency calls. There are many vendors who provide functional elements and interfaces. In order to build reliable, secure, interoperable networks and NG9-1-1 services, vendors are asked to work together to ensure the introduction of NG9-1-1 goes smoothly.

NENA is now inviting vendors to participate in the next NG9-1-1 interoperability Industry Collaboration Event (ICE). At recent ICE events, we tested various components and aspects of the i3 architecture; however, the various aspects were not tested simultaneously. ICE 6 will focus on comprehensive end-to-end functionality, interaction between vendor elements (external interfaces) and interoperability testing. Some test examples are:

  • Multimedia types (audio, text, video)
  • Location formats, (PIDF-LO civic, geo)
  • Recording (media)
  • Logging (events)
  • Routing (SIP)
  • Legacy PSAP using gateways, as well as IP connected NG9-1-1 compliant PSAP CPE
  • Alternate routing (failure, policy, queue states)
  • Forest Guide (top-level)
  • SIP message formatting (URN, URI, Route headers)

Functional elements requested are: ESRP, ECRF, LIS, LVF, BCF, Recorders, Loggers, LNG, LPG, LSRG, and legacy and i3 PSAP.

Additional capabilities requested are: LSRG and PSTN connectivity or simulation, ie softswitch.

Please respond before March 3, as the ICE team would like to begin planning conference calls on March 7th for an anticipated Fall 2014 event.

You may provide all comments and responses to Brian Knueppel and Delaine Arnold. If you have questions or would like additional information, contact Brian at 908-783-4484.