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New NENA Executive Board Takes Office, Christy Williams Installed as President

Thursday, June 26, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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A new NENA Executive Board took office last week at the NENA 2014 Conference & Expo last week in Nashville, TN. Christy Williams, ENP, was sworn in as President, while Cheri Lynn Rockwell, ENP, became 1st Vice President and Renee Hardwick, ENP, assumed the office of 2nd Vice President.


After the ceremony, Williams addressed the attendees and put forward her goals for the coming year. Most notably, she spoke about focusing the association’s efforts on the deployment of multimedia-capable Next Generation 9-1-1 services that will replace legacy voice-only 9-1-1 systems; providing training and educational resources to support 9-1-1 professionals on the job every day; and continuing to engage with policymakers and national leaders about meeting our nation’s emergency communications needs in the 21st Century.


Williams also spoke about the recent creation of a Telecommunicator Caucus within NENA so that front-line 9-1-1 call takers can have a larger voice within the organization. This action was bolstered when, earlier in the week, the NENA membership enacted a bylaws change renaming the "Dispatcher” membership category to the more inclusive "Telecommunicator” category.


Williams has worked in public safety communications for more than two decades, and she is currently the 9-1-1 Program Chief at the North Central Texas Council of Governments, where she is responsible for management of 9-1-1 services for 44 9-1-1 centers with the COG’s fourteen-county region.


Before her election to the NENA Executive Board in 2012, Williams was heavily involved in numerous association activities on both the national and chapter levels. She previously served as the chair of the NENA Public Education Committee and as a member of the organization’s Education Advisory Board, where she was instrumental in developing and delivering training to thousands of 9-1-1 professionals. She has held positions on the Texas NENA Chapter Board as North Coordinator, Secretary/Treasurer, and President.


Seven other Executive Board members were sworn in at the Conference: Past President Bernard Brown, ENP; Northeastern Region Director Ed Marecki, ENP; North Central Region Director Rob McMullen, ENP; Southeastern Region Director Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP; Western Region Director Lisa Hoffmann, ENP; Canadian Region Director Nancy Banks, ENP; and Private Sector Director Ron Bloom, ENP.