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FREE 9-1-1 Goes to Washington Webinar Series

Friday, January 16, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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The time is fast approaching when hundreds of 9-1-1 professionals will descend on Washington to educate makers of law and policy on the critical issues facing the public and the public safety community. To make sure 9-1-1 Goes to Washington has the biggest impact ever, NENA is offering a FREE three-part webinar series that will give you the tools YOU need to make The Voice of 9-1-1 heard on Capitol Hill.

Can't attend on the scheduled webinar dates? Register now and you will receive an email after the live presentations with instructions for accessing the on-demand webinar archives. 

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Webinar 1 - Getting Here: Approval, Registration & Logistics
Free! Watch now on-demand | Download slide deck 

Making your first trip to Washington can seem a daunting challenge. The National Capital Region is large, complex, and sometimes difficult to navigate. The first in our series of free webinars will give you the tools you need to navigate Washington like a pro. We’ll cover:

1. The structure and agenda for 9-1-1 Goes to Washington;

2. How to seek and get approval to attend;

3. How to get here and how to get around;

4. What to pack for professional meetings in February’s weather; and

5. NENA resources that can help your cause.

Webinar 2 - Inside the Hill: How Congress Works
Free! Watch now on-demand | Download slide deck

With 541 representatives, senators, delegates, and resident commissioners, almost 24thousandstaffers, and rules manuals that rival whole encyclopedias in size, Capitol Hill can be a confusing place. To successfully raise the profile of 9-1-1, though, you need absolute clarity about who’s who and what’s what. This second in our series of free webinars will give you just that. We’ll cover:

1. The different kinds of offices and staff on the Hill;

2. The structure and demographics of each type of office staff;

3. How constituent messagingreallygets in front of lawmakers;

4. How to ask for, and get, the most effective meeting you can.

Webinar 3 - Successful Meetings: Making the Case for 9-1-1
Free! Watch now on-demand | Download slide deck

Because we all work with 9-1-1 issues every day, it can be hard to understand the frame of reference of the 25-year-old staffer who covers two dozen other issues for a member of congress and who has only 30 minutes to meet with us. But that staffer will play a key role in getting their boss tocareabout 9-1-1 issues. This third in our series of free webinars will teach you how to conduct an effective, professional meeting with any staffer who’s put in front of you. We’ll cover:

1. Gathering background information;

2. Meeting preparation and presentation;

3. Differences between meetings with members and with staff;

4. Closing effectively; and

5. Following up to build long-term support.