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NENA Applauds FCC Chairman's Commitment to Addressing Critical 9-1-1 Issues

Friday, August 21, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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NENA is pleased that Chairman Wheeler has announced an aggressive agenda to drive NG9-1-1 deployment, including a strong call for congressional action aimed at speeding the transition. During the 2012 NG9-1-1 Legal Framework proceeding, NENA expressed our own support for congressional actions similar to those that Chairman Wheeler endorsed today. We continue to believe that federal bridge funding, through increased grants and matching funds, can significantly speed up the deployment of NG9-1-1 as we maintain legacy E9-1-1 systems during the transition. Moreover, we agree with the Chairman that providing states with stronger tools to ensure the legitimate and transparent use of 9-1-1 fees could increase both the quality of 9-1-1 service at the local level and the willingness of Congress to make investments in 9-1-1 from the federal level. Finally, we strongly support the Chairman’s call-to-action with respect to PSAP cybersecurity and workforce development. Going forward, each of these initiatives will be critical to the success of the broader 9-1-1 enterprise. As always, NENA stands ready to work closely with the Commission to achieve this vision as rapidly as possible.