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NENA’s Enhanced NENA PSAP Registry and Census Completes Beta

Thursday, March 19, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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NENA is pleased to announce that the new Enhanced PSAP Registry and Census (EPRC) service has completed its beta period and enters its first stable release. The EPRC provides the ability to find 24x7 call transfer information for any PSAP in the United States and its territories. The EPRC completely replaces the legacy NENA PSAP Registry (NPR), and requires issuance of unique credentials to each NENA validated user.

It is imperative that all legacy NPR users obtain new credentials (ID and Password) for the EPRC as soon as possible, since access and familiarization with the new EPRC is necessary before the old NPR is turned down soon. Users both old and new can find instructions to register for the EPRC at

The EPRC is GIS-forward with a modern visual user interface, and it works like most popular mapping programs. Queries can include simply pointing on a location on a map or inputting coordinates, a community name, landmark or address. Filters are available to inquire for specific PSAP characteristics, and in addition, users have the ability to draw a map boundary around a specific geographic area and view applicable PSAP info within that boundary. 

Another new feature is web form to update changes to PSAP data. Updates are reviewed by a human before activation in the live database. This feature is available to Public Safety and 9-1-1 Authority users.

The EPRC includes a robust REST API, and any interested developers familiar with ArcGIS Server applications are encouraged to inquire with NENA for more information. The EPRC also allows users to export data to a CSV. 

The EPRC is free to access to any public safety personnel. Commercial entities with a valid public safety function, such as vendors in the 9-1-1 industry and certain types of call centers, can also access the EPRC subject to terms and conditions. EPRC data is not made available for and can never be used for marketing purposes.

All current and new PSAP Registry users should register and be familiar with the EPRC as soon as possible. You may contact with any questions or comments.