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Volunteer for the 3D GIS Working Group

Thursday, June 25, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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The NENA 3D GIS working group will produce a document that will define requirements and guidelines for handling of expression of caller location in three dimensions (X/Y/Z coordinates), including confidence and uncertainty. These guidelines will include methods to convert a height above ellipsoid (HAE) value to height about ground level (AGL) or floor level, so that the information is more meaningful in the field, as well as guidelines to construct GIS datasets that can handle three dimensional location data, such as road or building geometry.

This work is intended to support updating 9-1-1 systems in concert with recent so-called “Z-Axis” regulatory developments that will call for all wireless carriers in the US to provide altitude in addition to X and Y coordinates when delivering 9-1-1 calls by April 2021 (NENA notes that the FCC published its most recent draft order on this topic today).

The following expertise is needed to meet the challenges of completing this effort in a timely manner: PSAP operations (e.g. calltakers), GIS professionals, supplemental location providers, and operations vendors (e.g., call handling equipment vendors).

All interested parties are invited to sign up here.