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Model SOGs On-Line (Members Only)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011  
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NENA is pleased to announce a new value-added feature for NENA members. The first three Model Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs), based on NENA PSAP Operations Standards, have been published on the NENA website. The first SOGs are provided for Call Handling, Wireless Call Handling, and NORAD-FAA Notification.

NENA Past President (2010-11) Steve O'Conor said "These Model SOGs provide the content of each Standard converted to Rich Text Format (RTF), which enables our members to download the Model into any word processing program, add their agency information, and easily adopt them as their own. Since federal, state or local regulations may restrict or require modification of the recommendations contained in these documents, users are urged to contact their legal counsel to ensure compatibility with local requirements."

These SOGs may be accessed online if you are logged in. Alternately, they may be accessed from the NENA homepage by clicking on Membership > Member Resources, then accessing "NENA Model Standard Operating Procedures” under Members Only Content. Members are reminded that they must be logged in using their name and password to view this content.

If necessary, they may ask to have their password reset if they have problems logging in. Additional assistance is available if necessary by contacting

Stephen F. O'Conor, ENP
Past President 2010-11
National Emergency Number Association
NENA - the 9-1-1 Association