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CDC Posts Ebola Guidance Resources for PSAPs & First Responders

Wednesday, August 27, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has posted Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems and 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for Management of Patients with Known or Suspected Ebola Virus Disease in the United States online at the CDC website.

Coordination among PSAPs, the EMS system, healthcare facilities, and the public health system is important for a coordinated response to Ebola. Each 9-1-1 and EMS system should seek the involvement of an EMS medical director to provide appropriate medical oversight. The guidance provided in this document is based on current knowledge of Ebola. It is intended for 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points, EMS and medical first responders including firefighters and law enforcement personnel. The guidance is not intended to set forth mandatory requirements or establish national standards.