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Peer Support Document Available for Public Review & Comment

Friday, September 11, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Chris Nussman
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Focus on 9‑1‑1-industry wellness is ever increasing, including the recognized need for improved access to mental-health support. Peer support is one way to provide or expand mental health and wellness resources to 9‑1-1 professionals. The NENA Peer Support Team Development, Implementation, and Oversight Information Document provides guidance on how to develop, implement, and oversee a peer support program. Information provided covers the most basic tenants of a peer support program, but also references expansions or enhancements the reader may use if they have the available resources and/or means.
You can download the document and submit comments by going here and then selecting "Add a Comment" from the "Edit" icon. Please complete all requested data and "Save," or, if submitting multiple comments, selecting "Save and Add Another." If you are providing Editorial comments, such as corrections to typos, grammatical errors, style/numbering errors, or incorrect references/links to documents, please document them under one comment and list the page and line number for each. If the correction is within a table, provide the table name and page number of error and specific details of change.
All comments are due by October 26, 2020. You may contact the NENA Committee Resource Manager with any questions or concerns.