9-1-1 Customer Services: Takes Seconds, Saves Minutes

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In the world of emergency services, the term customer service takes on a completely new meaning. This course will begin by identifying the customer base for a 9-1-1 center. This is a broad spectrum that includes those calling 9-1-1 to report an emergency, those that we send out in response to a request for help, and everyone in between. Once our customers have been identified, we will examine the interaction that takes place on each level and the positive or negative impact resulting from the quality of customer service provided.

In this presentation, the instructor will demonstrate customer service methods that may take call-takers a few extra seconds, but in the end will save minutes by creating a more comfortable environment of efficiency between the caller and the call-taker. This course stands out from other customer service courses in that it does not teach you merely to be polite and compliant. The course objective is to assist you in learning to provide the appropriate level of customer service in the most professional manner possible.

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"Overall I really enjoyed the info. I found it really helpful."
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"I thought it was a great class, well prepared and good material. Great examples."
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"The information was very detailed and well presented. Reminding us how important our job is/was good. It's always nice to be recognized."

Your Instructors:

Jennifer Kirkland, ENP

Jennifer is the 9-1-1 Operations Administrator for the Vail Public Safety Communications Center in Vail, Colorado and has worked in public safety dispatch for more than 16 years. Servicing over 50,000 citizens, Jennifer is responsible for the operations required for all emergent and non‐emergent call handling for twelve police, fire and EMS agencies throughout Eagle County.

John Ferraro, ENP

John is the Executive Director of Northwest Central Dispatch System (NWCDS) in Arlington Heights, Illinois and has been an active member of the public safety community for the last 25 years. In his current position, John oversees a 9-1-1 PSAP that handles police, fire, and EMS dispatch for 11 suburban communities of Chicago and services about 500,000 citizens.

Kevin Diluia, ENP

Kevin is the Deputy Director of Operations for the Northwest Central Dispatch System (NWCDS) in Arlington Heights, Illinois and a 9-1-1 professional of over 23 years.

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