9-1-1 Call Answering Standard
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9-1-1 Call Answering Standard/Model Recommendation

Document Type: Standard
Number: 56-005                       *****Update In Progress*****

This document has been developed to serve as a model standard operating procedure for the calltaking function within Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

To provide uniformity and consistency in the handling of 9-1-1, other emergency calls and administrative non-emergency calls, the following call-taking standards are recommended:

  • Operational level of service
  • Order of answering priority
  • Answering protocol
  • Information gathering
  • Call transfer

In addition, this document provides guidelines for handling non-standard calls, such as abandoned, disconnects, misdials, unintentional, prank and misrouted calls (including nomadic VoIP calls).

A recommended course of action is described which will enable the telecommunicator to address data failures, such as the loss of ANI or ALI, equipment problems and redundant calls.

Committee Name(s): Standard Operating Procedures

Created: 06/10/2006

9-1-1 Call Answering Standard