Call Blocking
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  Call Blocking
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Number:   NENA-INF-023.1.1-2020    


NENA STA 010, NENA Detailed Functional and Interface Standards for the NENA i3 Solution defines NG9-1-1 Core Services which allow a PSAP to identify the source of a call that is adversely affecting its ability to operate normally and continue receiving legitimate calls. The PSAP also has the ability to request that the Border Control Function (BCF) filters out, block or dispose of subsequent calls from that source. This Informational Document is intended to provide guidance to PSAP Administrators regarding what conditions should be used for a PSAP to identify a calling number or identifier as a problem source and develop a draft policy for having that source blocked or disposed of until the issue from that source has been resolved. This document will also provide guidance on how to determine if the problem is resolved and the criteria to unblock the number or calling source.

This document focuses on threats from individual sources; it does not address Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks where large numbers of individual sources are coordinated to simultaneously launch attacks. This document does not address call blocking requests to Originating Service Providers. 

Committee Name(s): PSAP Operations

Created: 11/02/2017

NENA Call Blocking Information Document