9-1-1 Call Processing Standard
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9-1-1 Call Processing Standard
Document Type: Standard
Number: NENA-STA-020.1-2020
(originally 56-006, 56-001, 56-005 and 56-501)

This standard has been developed to facilitate the processing of 9‑1‑1 calls by Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and to serve as a basis for the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Use of this document standardizes the method of call handling across jurisdictional boundaries. This will provide consistency in the processing of emergency and non-emergency calls and improve service to the public.

Over the course of the past decade, NENA published a number of Operational Standards and Information Documents that discuss the handling and processing of 9‑1‑1 calls. These documents include:

  • NENA 56-501, Silent or Hang-up Calls for Service Operational Information Document
  • NENA 56-001, Guidelines for Minimum Response to Wireless 9‑1‑1 Calls
  • NENA 56-005, 9‑1‑1 Call Answering Standard/Model Recommendation
  • NENA 56-006, Emergency Call Processing Protocol Standard


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PSAP Operations

Created: 06/07/2008

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 Previous Versions:

 56-006 Emergency Call Processing Protocol Standard approved 06/07/2008

 56-001 Guidelines for Minimum Response to Wireless 9-1-1 Calls approved 11/18/2004

 56-005 Call Answering Standard/Model Recommendation approved 06/10/2006

 56-501 Silent or Hang Up 9-1-1 Calls for Service Information Document approved 08/23/2002