Change Management in 9-1-1
Category: Expanding Your Horizons
Instructor(s): Ty Wooten, ENP, Christopher Caver, ENP

Do you believe that the only constant is change? That seems to be the way in public safety today. The term "change management” has been popping up almost as frequently as "next generation” over the past few years. Not coincidentally, Next Generation 9-1-1 has spurred a need for change management.

In an industry where technology is changing rapidly, it is vital that we ensure our staff understand the change and have the tools they need to make the change effective. Although the technology is the first thing everyone is talking about, managing the people through the change is a vital part of any successful implementation. The first part of this course will give you some basic strategies for dealing with change and the second part of the course will teach you how to effectively and successfully manage change in your program, department, or agency/company.

NENA Courses - Expanding Your Horizons

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The Expanding Your Horizons course suite focuses on a number of the major PSAP-centric issues impacting public safety professionals nationwide – be they the telecommunicators on the floor, the communications center directors, or anyone in between. If you are looking to hone your skills, increase your awareness, or take your talents to the next level, these are the classes for you.
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