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Christopher A. Lienhardt, ENP

Christopher A. Lienhardt, ENP Chris is the Executive Director of the Regional Emergency Dispatch (R.E.D.) Center in Northbrook, Illinois and has been involved in public safety for 28 years. Formerly a Deputy Fire Chief, Chris has taught and worked with, generations of public safety officials, and he has brought his passion for teaching with him to NENA.

Chris started out as a Community Service Officer but was quickly called off the street to dispatch for multiple public safety agencies. He then moved to the Vernon Hills Police Department, where he spent six years dispatching, before leaving to work full-time as a Firefighter/EMT. It was in the nine months away from dispatch that Chris realized that dispatching was his true calling: he soon began working at the R.E.D. Center and has been there ever since.

Chris is a member of NENA and many other public safety organizations. He has also served as a presenter and planner for the past 14 years for numerous state-wide public safety conferences. Chris is proud to have helped coordinated the Suburban Fire/EMS responses to several Chicago events, including the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs rally.