Committee Chair & Liaison Contact Info

Bylaws Chair  Bruce Romero, ENP 970.372.0545
Canadian Interoperability Technology
Interest Group (CITIG) and Canadian
Radio-television & Telecommunications
Commission (CRTC) Liaison
Holly Barkwell, ENP 647.269.2441
Compassion Committee Co-Chair Maureen Will 203.270.4296
Compassion Committee Co-Chair Sue Webster, ENP 860.585.5054
 Compensation and Succession Committee Holly Barkwell, ENP 647.269.2441
Development Steering Council Co-Chair Jim Shepard, ENP 512.656.7713
Development Steering Council Co-Chair Pete Eggimann, ENP 651.643.8377
Development Steering Council Liaison Monica Million, ENP 970.640.3235
Education Advisory Board Liaison Gary Bell, ENP 262.446.6075
Education Advisory Board Chair Eric Parry, ENP 801.833.2486
Election Committee Chair Renee Hardwick, ENP 843.915.5100
Emeritus Council of Past Presidents Chair Rob McMullen, ENP 812.462.3226 x7327
Federal Railroad Administration Board Liaison Ronald Bonneau, ENP 708.243.9495
Finance, Investment and Audit Monica Million, ENP 970.640.3235
Government Affairs Chair Dan Henry 202-618-4392
Government Affairs Liaison Charles Cullen, ENP 650.329.2138
Historical Committee Chair Ronald Bonneau, ENP 708.243.9495
Industry Steering Committee Liaison Ron Bloom, ENP 708.388.7224
Integrated Justice Information Systems
Institute (IJIS) Liaison
Steve O'Conor, ENP 407.439.4911
International Relations Committee Chair Toni Dunne,ENP 512.970.7066
International Relations Committee Liaison Holly Barkwell, ENP 647.269.2441
Membership Committee Chair Erin Malloy, ENP 540.545.4715
Nat'l Joint TERT Initiative (NJTI) Chair Brianna Fields 479.271.1104
Nat'l Public Safety Telecom
Council (NPSTC) Liaison
Sharon Counterman, ENP 832.330.6938
NENA Foundation/Friends of 9-1-1 Chair Brian Fontes, Ph.D., CEO 800.332.3911
NENA Foundation/Friends f 9-1-1 Liaison Rob McMullen, ENP 812.462.3226 x7327
NENA Institute President Andie Burton, ENP 425.774.2517
NENA Institute Liaison Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP 561.312.1123
Policy Committee Chair (NENA Board) Rob McMullen, ENP 812.462.3226 x7327
Process Review Committee (PRC) Rob McMullen, ENP 812.462.3226 x7327
Telecommunicator Caucus Co-Chair Heather Butler 815.732.2136
Telecommunicator Caucus Co-Chair Laura Hicks 815.284.6631
Telecommunicator Caucus Liaison
Linda Draughn-Woloski, ENP 561.312.1123
Transportation Safety Advancement
Group (TSAG)
Jim Goerke 512.402.9733
Future Think Committee Chair Charles Cullen, ENP 650.329.2138