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This Committee’s purpose is to provide resources and share information regarding 9-1-1 education, including public education and PSAP training, in various forms.  The principal objective of this committee is to develop consistent materials and messages as an informational resource for the emergency communications community. The PSAP training function of this committee also works closely with other NENA Committees to identify and create training needed; and makes recommendations to the NENA Educational Advisory Board on topics and issues that may benefit from development of a NENA education course.  The committee provides resources and expertise for the NENA staff, the Board, and other organizations for certain projects, task forces, etc. involving 9-1-1 related communications, marketing, and training.


Sonya Clauson ENP
Harris County, TX 


Sandy Beitel ENP
Ogle County, IL

  • Work Groups
    • 9-1-1 Professional Education, Co-Chairs: Eric Parry ENP, John Ferraro ENP     

    This Working Group will develop an ANSI accredited NENA Standard related to 9-1-1 professional education to aid in the development of degree programs for Public Safety Telecommunicators and individuals who work on 9-1-1 systems. This effort will ensure the 9-1-1 industry has a reliable work force both for PSAP operations and to manage, design, construct and maintain the 9-1-1 system and its many components. This effort will also ensure that programs provide a basic level of knowledge and skill, no matter where they may be located. ANSI project initiation notice was published in September 2016. Calls are held every Thursday from 4-5 pm ET. 20160513_ISF Standards for College Degree Programs Related to 9-1-1 (Tech&Ops)_Charter

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