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Daniel Edwards

Daniel is a Police Captain and 25-year veteran of the Durham Police Department. Having led and trained a large number of officers and citizens, both as a Police Captain and as a certified Executive Life Coach, Daniel brings with him a passion for helping individuals achieve their personal and professional bests to NENA.

Daniel began his career as a member of Uniform Patrol, patrolling Durham’s Third District and acting as a Field Training Officer for recently-graduated recruits. From there, he steadily moved up the ranks of the Department, increasing his responsibility both as an officer and as a trainer for members of the force. In 2003, Daniel became a Hostage Negotiator and soon after was promoted to Corporal, then Sergeant. Two years ago, Daniel was named the Patrol Division Commander of Durham’s Fourth District and has continued working to enforce state laws, city ordinances as well as protect life and property.

Daniel is an instructor and trainer for both the DPD Police Academy and the Durham Emergency Communication Center. Since 2007, he has also taught several officer-related classes at the Durham Technical Community College. Daniel is a long-time resident of Durham and own multiple small businesses in the community.