Improving Service to Callers With Disabilities

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Disability awareness training has tailored a presentation for 911 telecommunicators. It brings together education on disabilities while enhancing sensitivity. The presentation includes definitions of disabilities with an emphasis on speech, etiquette and interaction skills, the perspective of individuals with disabilities, and current trends and topics, all relevant to 911 operations.

Disability awareness incorporates sensitivity training so the audience can empathize with the injustices individuals with disabilities face. Videos, extensive materials and resources, federal guidelines, and current best practices will highlight the content and allow attendees to best understand how to address services necessary to serve all citizens in their community.

About Niagara University First Responder Disability Training Program

The First Responder Disability Awareness Training (FR-DAT) project’s mission is to develop a training curriculum for law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical services (EMS) and 9-1-1 professionals that will provide them with the knowledge necessary to best serve and respond to individuals with disabilities. The content of the training curriculum will be specific to First Responder needs when interacting and responding to incidents, situations, and accidents that involve individuals with disabilities.

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State Certifications:      Michigan - NENA 201610C
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“I will take lessons learned about the disabilities back to the 9-1-1 center and incorporate them into our policies.”
“Awesome instructor and course. Very applicable in today’s society.”
“Should be part of all PSAP training programs.”
“Provided real life experiences.”
“Very well-done course. Instructor had my attention from the first minute.”

Your Instructors:

Dave Whalen

David Whalen is the founder of Disability Awareness Training (DAT) and has spent nearly 15 years training and educating law enforcement, emergency responders, human service providers and other professionals in the key areas of disabilities as well as presenting to more than 500 audiences.

Michelle Kerr

Michelle Kerr

Michelle Kerr is the former 9-1-1 Deputy Director for the Erie County Central Police Services in New York and a 38-year veteran of public safety communications. At present, she is a Master Trainer for Niagara University where she presents disability awareness training to 9-1-1 telecommunicators.

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