NENA Excellence in Dispatch Certificate
If you’re a telecommunicator who wants to take your skills – and career – to the next level, then the Excellence in Dispatch Certificate program is for you!  Go beyond the basics of what you learned in your entry-level training program and  gain the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to become a star performer.

Earning your certificate not only helps you excel under the headset but also empowers you to be a team leader and opens the door for long-term success in 9-1-1.

To earn your certificate, you must complete at least three of the five below courses within two years:

How to get started:

Register for one of the upcoming courses listed above. If you are a NENA member, you will need to login with your NENA profile to receive  member-only pricing and to track your course credits upon course completion.

If you are not a NENA member, register and/or create a complimentary NENA non-member profile to make check-out for your next course even easier.

Click here to see all upcoming NENA education courses.

Do I have to notify NENA when I have completed my three courses?

No, we process new EID certificates and send them out once a month.

We want to congratulate those who have displayed their commitment to enhancing their dispatch skills by earning the Excellence in Dispatch Certificate! 

Current EID Certificate holders by State (PDF)

Current EID Certificate holders by Last Name (PDF)