Providing 3rd Party EMD Services
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NENA/APCO Best Practices Model for Providing 3rd Party Emergency Medical Dispatch Services
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Number:56-509 v1

A considerable number of PSAPs in the United States, Canada, and other nations provide emergency medical dispatch (EMD) service to their callers. EMD is a recognized structured system used to determine the nature and severity of a medical problem, prioritize it so the appropriate level of Emergency Medical Services is dispatched safely, and provide the caller with instructions on how to assist the patient until Emergency Medical Services arrive. However, not all Public Safety Answering Points provide this service.
There are EMD Service Providers who directly deal with members of the public that have recognized this limitation and have initiated steps to provide this service. They include, but are not limited to organizations such as automotive companies, alarm services and technology services. These EMD Service Providers may choose to provide emergency medical dispatch services directly for their clients.
This document is intended to serve as a model best practice guide to both EMD Service Providers and for the Public Safety Answering Points that receive third party calls from the EMD Service Providers and dispatch the appropriate First Responders.
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Providing 3rd Party Emergency Medical Dispatch Services